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Sounds like you have a good list of ideas to develop in the next version, awesome.

What I was thinking of when I said 3-stage timed action, was an action similar to in the lego games ehich is probably a "live action event". You could have a circle or some visual indicator that the player must press a button at the right time, and do it 3 times correctly to succeed in fishing.

Best wishes in your development!

I really like this, thanks for sharing! The art style is distinct and really works with the concept.

As you've asked for some feedback, some things I am noticing after playing for a while - the economy is unpredictable and takes some figuring out - ie the cultures don't seem to make much sense with the products they make, ie. the jazzy music didn't make much sense for the demand and production.

I noticed there are multiple currencies, but not much motivation to explore one once you have dealt with the other

Fishing was more lucrative than I thought, and at the same time took longer to do than expected. Suggestion - make a 3 stage timed action to make fishing more engaging while taking the same amount of time

Some things I'd like to see in a future sense:

  • ship customization, change colour or purchase new designs
  • campaign/story
  • more information on what something is before purchasing - ie. a separate section for upgrades and tools
  • Conflict - there is a notable absence of conflict, bandits are mentioned but don't show up

All together I really enjoyed this!

Being new to Itch, I thought I'd share some of my sprites. Here are the first 2 - a couple of elven girls with a variety of outfits. Jinai has a couple of pngs available for free.



Each character has mix-and-match outfits from different themes. After building Jinai, I took a different approach on Xin by designing her arms to be articulating, making repositioning simple.

The files are built in Affinity Designer, and PSD files are also available. Each file contains a variety of eyes, mouths, and eyebrows allowing combinations of expressions.

I'd appreciate feedback on what sort of file setup or outfits/poses are most useful.