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I really like this, thanks for sharing! The art style is distinct and really works with the concept.

As you've asked for some feedback, some things I am noticing after playing for a while - the economy is unpredictable and takes some figuring out - ie the cultures don't seem to make much sense with the products they make, ie. the jazzy music didn't make much sense for the demand and production.

I noticed there are multiple currencies, but not much motivation to explore one once you have dealt with the other

Fishing was more lucrative than I thought, and at the same time took longer to do than expected. Suggestion - make a 3 stage timed action to make fishing more engaging while taking the same amount of time

Some things I'd like to see in a future sense:

  • ship customization, change colour or purchase new designs
  • campaign/story
  • more information on what something is before purchasing - ie. a separate section for upgrades and tools
  • Conflict - there is a notable absence of conflict, bandits are mentioned but don't show up

All together I really enjoyed this!


Thank you for the very detailed feedback and all of the suggestions! We're really glad that you had an enjoyable time with the game! 🤗 We really want to improve how the trading works and make it more satisfying and understandable in future versions of the game, such as by making each item's categories more visible and important. We also have some more ideas for ship customisation, an overall narrative, quests and some other loose concepts that we're still sculpting together as we plan-out the future of the game. 👀

I'd like to ask though, can you give us some more detail about what you mean with the 3-stage timed action suggestion for fishing? 🎣

Lastly, if you'd like, you can always join our Discord Server if you'd like to talk about these suggestion more in-depth. We'll be opening dedicated Townseek channels in the near future, and it'd be nice to get more feedback and suggestions there when we do. Cheers! 🐳


Sounds like you have a good list of ideas to develop in the next version, awesome.

What I was thinking of when I said 3-stage timed action, was an action similar to in the lego games ehich is probably a "live action event". You could have a circle or some visual indicator that the player must press a button at the right time, and do it 3 times correctly to succeed in fishing.

Best wishes in your development!