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I hope you have fun! If you have any questions, just enter the Kazan Games server and clear your doubts. Also take a look at the manual to see how it works.

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Hello GouHong,

It's for GameMaker engine only.

Yes, the shockwaves can be anywhere in the room. The asset calculates everything automatically. Camera zoom is also supported. Thanks ^^

Hello!, Yes, you are correct, there has been this change in Post-Processing FX, so I need to update the manual to reflect the changes. 

Thanks a lot! :D

Post-Processing FX v3.1 Released!

I'm glad you like it ^^

Are you using Bloom from Post-Processing FX or my other asset? I recommend taking a look at the PPFX bloom as it is much better :D

Hey! Nice game, It was fun!

In case you're still interested, Post-Processing FX has a Bloom that I think is very elegant, it's worth checking out...

Thanks a lot ^^

I'm glad you like it! :D

Hey, I saw you joined Discord server, I'll answer you there :)

Hey SoulPixel,

I'm glad you're enjoying Post-Processing FX ^^

Do not disable the "draw_layer" parameter of the ppfx_layer_apply() function. I had made a modification to that function and it hasn't been updated in the manual yet, I will soon.

The error line is a Feather xD thing, so it's not a PPFX issue currently, don't worry.

Remember to pay attention to the order in which you insert the layer id, and check if there is a "warning" message in the Console.

Cheers! ^^

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Hey, Thank you!

You had luck! The Sunshafts effect takes 14 arguments, so there is one left, which could be the color xD, so it's possible to blend a color, which can be black.

Thanks for the suggestion! :D

Hey! Oh yeah, Android has a lower precision for shaders, for performance. Thanks for sharing the solution :)

Hello! Could you show me how it looks visually? Is pixel interpolation disabled from blur (when you disable in your game)?

Hello! The asset is only compatible with newer versions of GameMaker, sorry.

Post-Processing FX is also available on Marketplace :)

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Yes, Post-Processing FX is cross-platform. :)

If you find any bug, you can contact me on Discord and we can fix it.

I'm glad you're enjoying it, it's great to feel comfortable with what you do and that's what matters. Nice attitude to give someone the project! ^^

Unless you learn GameMaker, the best 2D engine :P

Thanks! I'm very happy that you liked it! ^^

Hi! Thank you ^^

This can't happen due to the way it works internally (the Layer system uses layer_script, which asks for layers and not depth), sorry... Thanks for the sugestion!

I'm so glad for this comment! Thank you so much! ^^ 

Hey! I had replied to you in the forum a few days ago.

Hello! The shader was made to work on GLSL ES 1.0 (the current GameMaker default), so it should work on newer versions of GLSL ES. Please note that this Bloom is an old attempt at glowing. If you want a high-quality, high-performance effect, check out Post-Processing FX.

Sure! Please note that there are 13 separate examples. One of them is about layers.

Thanks ^ ^

Hi! We recently added the Layer System, which means you can use post-processing on single objects, backgrounds, sprites, and more:

In the image above, I applied the glitch and scanlines effect on my player, which is a tree. And the background also has some effects.


PPFX has a drawing function called ppfx_draw(surface, x, y, w, h, view_w, view_h, system), which receives a surface, so it's more recommended for screen post-processing only. In the future I intend to make an asset only with effects for objects.

Hey again, I just added the demo:

Hey! There is no demo, only the video at the moment. But I can later make the HTML5 version of it available. :)

You removed the background from the room, and the game was left without a image to clear the application_surface buffer. Then you drew a sprite in the GUI, but the GUI is not affected by the application_surface, so it was not able to get the game image correctly. Draw the background sprite in the Draw Event (this way it will be on the application_surface).

Thanks :D

Hi! Yes, we are pleased to answer any questions you may have on Discord: "Kazan Games":

Yes, it is possible to do it. I will even do some example demonstrating this in future updates.

Thanks for getting in touch! :)

Hello, do you need help with the asset?

Nice! :D

Olá! Provavelmente isso aconteceu porque deu Alt+TAB rapidamente ao iniciar o jogo, então é só reabrir que irá funcionar normalmente, obrigado por informar :)

Thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear that 😁

Ser furry não é só aquilo que muitos pensam

Your comment is very satisfying and is what motivates me to create these cool things, thank you very much!

Released! :D