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Of the ones I read so far, best flow.

very pretty game

Clever. The new star forms kept me on my toes.

What about a game about the monster under the bed, but in a twist, the monster is afraid of humans?


Fun fact few people know: the game is rigged!

very birby my die got stuck in the corner

This was one of the first iterations of my game that I submitted just in case I couldn't finish the real game in time. The final product is listed on my profile as "Fuzzy Dice". unfortunately, the UI and Dice respawning scripts broke before the deadline, So it isn't really much better.


I Really like the Idea Behind it but the sensitivity is up wayyy too high. Also the whole game is based around a revolver but then the gun you shoot is semi-auto?

Great concept but there is a bug. I wanted to be reminded of the rules after gaining 100 points, but after leaving the how-to-play screen, the points were reset to zero. 

It's literally just earthbound

May we use assets not done by ourselves i.e. stock assets?

cold cubes

One of the most iconic posts of all time. I made sure to turn on some surreal music to get into the mood.

game fails to load howl .png when fighting bats

haven't played but screenshots remind me of off.

game crashed when I tried to enter another area.

how to quit a song once I enter? (without winning)

There's a glitch where I can't move when I pick up a new gun until I shoot it. definitely detrimental when I run out of ammo in a group of enemies.

I was talking about the in-game text. I suggest using a black or white border for the letters so you wouldn't need to limit your background colors.

Only one person downloaded it in the past thirty days. The only other people that downloaded it were me and my friend. It would be a pretty unlikely coincidence that you happen to be friends with the one person that actually downloaded my game. 

you're right but I can see you didn't play it on analytics.

Never said the game was bad. just suggested changing text color.

what determines cancelation? also, why are there random B's on the screen?

not a good idea for the text to be blue when the background is blue.

Is the game supposed to be eeire? The music and graphics made me expect some kind of horror twist.

This is a pretty good game jam game, but the main character sprite is hard to read. I get now that it is supposed to be a girl with a mask on the side of her face, but for a while I thought it was her real face. Also, the mask switches which side of the face it's on when you turn around.

I award this game the "most wholsomest game" award

Why no Rook?

What are the controls for this game?

The game is so relateable and lifelike when I look into the main character's eyes I see my own soul.

Great to hear about that!

Is  this still being updated?

void is cannoically not alive go ahead.

but can we have grass in the background? can there be living enemies?

Eh, fair enough.

To be fair he makes money off of the videos.

Of all of the terrible, buggy, unfinished games on itch,  this is the most boring one?  You must be pretty lucky then.