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Cheers, I'll try it again!

Okay, I was playing for ages, even had a notebook out so that I could keep track of the 16 different cheats (well, 15 + baseline). Plays so nicely, and its so short-form and easy to change up to try again with different cheats, I love it.

Cheers, thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed the flight aspect- if you used T as the cheat to add time on, you could fly around for ages :D

Thanks for calling it polished, this is actually my first game!

Also the freezer..

Just throw everything in the damn dishwasher. Anything else in the fridge. Use the table against the dishwasher to keep it shut, and stand in front of the fridge to keep it shut. I'm not experienced at hiding bodies, you are...

Scared the crap out of me, I kept expecting jump scares towards the end!

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked the liked the flight controls, I literally spent days tweaking them to get them to feel just right! Hoping to reuse them in a later project, like a low-poly Elite:Dangerous type thing.

"There is a 50% chance the computer is lying"

We have determined that is also a lie. Took me a minute to realise what was going on. Trolling lives on in 2021, I see. :D

Absolutely love this. I've never found a game before that really gives you the ideal bouldering experience. Top marks from me!

Hey, thanks for playing,!

Yeah, I'm not sure if it's a bug or feature to be honest. I like the idea that boosting allows you to catch up with cannon shots (and hear them too), but touching them is just as deadly for you as it is for the satellites. As for the asteroids, they're too dense to be blown up and just move.

Cheers! Not bad for a first try, eh? Very Elite:Dangerous inspired, hoping to use the physics and mechanics from this in something bigger down the line.

Well, I can't fault the logic there! :D

Do you mean the "P and T are for cheaters" text on the game over screen? I kinda designed that to be hard to read on purpose, ha!

Hey, thanks for playing! 3D space is always like that, you should have seen how disorientating it was before I added the skybox and asteroids!


Really fun game. Very well made for something done in a 7 day period!

Loved the literal Space Pirates.

Holy hell, this game is awesome. I had some trouble getting the asteroid to become a turret in the second level, but for a 7-day game this is really well polished!

Hey, I wondered if you were going to turn up! Yeah, I pulled a lot of late nights this week trying to piece this together, thanks for giving it a go. I spent ages tweaking the flight controls and physics, hoping to use it as a basis for something even bigger down the line, like a low-poly Elite:Dangerous or something!

I felt that if it became too hard too fast, people might lose interest, but I guess the same could be said from having it too easy as well. Its hard trying to hit that balance.

That was a pretty short game, unless I'm just really good at it. Liked the idea, no complaints from me!

I get that the stun weapon is weak, but my god, my hand is cramping up from clicking. Level 3 was better once you could add several "++++++", but having to click the console to type that, hold "+" for a second or two, hit enter, and click and enemy, over and over, got really tiring. Couldn't get past lvl 3...

I'm not sure why, but destroying ships is not recovering my health, and they're not dropping parts.

Oh man, I really love this game, great use of the limitation!. Fast paced, controls feel nice. Not sure about the "up up down down" / "left right left right" bit as well as pressing "R" to switch though.

Enemies in the 3D section seem to take too long to spawn. Also, your "F5" to main menu shortcut doesn't work in browsers... because it refreshes the browser!

Okay, " ' " does open the "console", but whenever I close the console with " ' ", the controls freeze.
Otherwise, really nicely presented, and plays really smoothly!

(1 edit)

Just a heads up, couldn't get " ` " to open the console. And the enemies don't seem to be doing any damage... and I ran out of bullets after killing the first enemy, so I just... walked around enjoying the music! Going to come back in a couple of days and re-rate it, to see if you make any changes.

Interesting take on "cheating", to "cheat death". Love the idea of stealing energy from enemy weapon fire though, brilliant. Controls feel a little sluggish though, how about either increasing the acceleration of the ship, or giving an option to use the mouse movement to control the left/right of the ship?

Great design, love the old PS1/PSX type graphics, really makes it atmospherically creepy.

However, please for the love of god use something other than "Esc" for switching between the "game" and "desktop", the game keeps becoming inactive in the browser or leaving full screen.

I think you need to make it clearer about making it full-screen in order to make the game work, I spend ages clicking trying to get something to work. I glanced at your description for controls, didn't see anything. Was about to give up when I saw about full screen...

Fantastic idea, basically a real-time scrabble free-for-all.

Pretty fun design, I like being able to jump up and run along the words, as if it was a game slowly being corrupted by hackers. Controls feel a little off though, speed getting reset when you jump is pretty annoying. 

Hey, here's a link to my entry SATELLITE HUNTER, I'll be checking out yours in just a moment!

Thanks for Playing! A few people have mentioned the same thing about the particles... I have a pretty beefy PC and it didn't suffer any FPS drops, but it didn't occur to me that it might be a problem for other people.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, I didn't want to make the cheats too easy to find- I went with the idea that if the player is losing/dying enough, they'll notice the cheat text in the Game Over screen :D

The bullet game objects do despawn after a while, but I found having them get destroyed too soon meant that you couldn't do long-distance trick shots from across the map (which gets bigger with every level).

The cheat text was in fact bigger at one stage, but like you said, I didn't want to make it too easy to find! But again, I'll agree that 15 levels for such a short-factor game was excessive, but I really wanted to ramp up the difficulty steadily, not immediately.

I'm glad you found the same technique as me though, the asteroid spawn range is always larger than the satellite spawn range, so generally staying in the middle of the maps give you a good view if you turn enough! Thanks for playing!


Thank you so much! I know it’s not anything original or particularly special, but it’s a game where I did it myself following a tutorial and got a working game for the first time ever, so I had to share it!

That, I’ve jumped straight into a 7 day game jam, and I’ve had to learn ALOT more, and quickly. Watch this space, uploading my first OC game tomorrow! 😅

That was my interpretation too. Cant wait to see your submission!

Because I've had 7 days, I've been trying to make every asset from scratch. Been learning Blender alongside Unity for asset models, and using SFXR to generate sounds (SFXR creator will get credited!). BG music is also mine, just threw together some simple rhythms in FL studio. I'm so friggin' tired! Haha

Check out some of Brakeys tutorials on Youtube, they're a godsend.

To everyone-

I've VERY new to Blender, Unity and C# programming language. Like... less than a week new.

I've made 1 short game so far (KYUBE) base on a Brackeys tutorial, so this is my first time taking part in a Jam, and my first attempt at an original game.

To anyone else who's nervous, don't sweat it, it's not life or death and there's always more Jams!

So good luck to everyone taking part!

To the Pro's

Got any tips that you might want to share? Maybe suggestions to help getting around/through the "Cheat" limitation?