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question about limitation

A topic by Rustem B. created 72 days ago Views: 347 Replies: 6
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Can player win game without cheats?

Was Wondering that too

The limitaton section says :

Q: How do I know if I'm incorporating the limitation enough?
A: Your game should not function correctly without it

So i assume that no you shouldn't be able to win without "Cheating"


i mean it says "must cheat" not "must cheat to win" so i guess its alright

"Your game should not function correctly without it"  then "Can I try to get around the limitation creatively?":  "yes"

so my interpretation is, you can win without cheats but only if it's creative


I'm interpreting it like cheats in the context of Age of Empires or Warcraft 3, where they make the game more fun because you can do things you quicker and bigger than you normally could. And that advantage helps you win, and helps you have fun, but it is still possible to play and win without them. And you'll see that theme in my cheats.


That was my interpretation too. Cant wait to see your submission!


Thanks. You're welcome to check out the beta by clicking on my profile. I finished a rough version this morning and had some friends test it. They gave me a ton of feedback about bugs, what they liked, and what they didn't like. I'll be spending the next 2 days fixing those bugs and adding their suggested features. One for example is they felt the game was too slow, so I'm adding a fast forward button. I felt the same way, that my game didn't have enough clicks-per-minute to keep a player engaged. I think a speed control will help with that.