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Awesome, thanks!

So I've like, toyed with the idea, and I have some thoughts on how to actually execute this in a thing I'm planning for next year. I haven't tested yet, but I think if you just... use multiple decks? It might work? No idea!!

Hello! Including the covers, it's 18 pages.

VOLLEY BOYS is just a succinctly perfect little thing. It's a fantastic NDNM game that brings in all the best parts of sports anime and a whole lotta very clear love and spirit of the genre and some specific shows.

Do yourself a favor and get it.


World Champ Game Co is RIGHT. Once again hitting us with an absolutely fantastic game, the second edition of one of my favorite indie RPGs, and a brilliant homage to one of the most charming shows out there. Babes 2e does it all and does it well, so check it out!

Hey glad to hear you like it! There are currently no form-fillable versions, nor are there's plans to make them or to make Roll20 assets.

As stated in the text, The Demon is made to be used with any other character. "The Possessed" simply refers to whatever character is used for Player 2.

Thank you very much, but the layout work was not done by me! The main G&S layout is by Sinta Posadas, while the stretch goal layout is by Julie-Anne Munoz!

Hi Mouf,
Glad to hear you're stoked!
Physicals are still in production, but we're at the tail end of the estimated timeline so they should be shipping to me within the next week or so (I HOPE!)

Once they ship, it'll be ~2-3 weeks before they show up on my doorstep

All layout design was done in Affinity Publisher

They're actually intended to be printed on one 8.5x11 page and folded into a small pamphlet! They were specifically designed for this format, but if there's enough demand (and time), I'm not opposed to scrapping something up.

Hey! I don't mind sending you one since you like, literally just missed the last one and IDK when another one will come in. Shoot me an email!


oh, WOOPS!
I'll get that fixed tonight, sorry!

You nailed it- it's fully intended to be in the hands of the players & GM

Hey there!

1 & 2 are both mentioned in the rules- the game's over when either all your friends are out of energy, when you run out of energy, or whenever you want to stop playing. When a Friend runs out of energy, you remove them from the game and shuffle their cards into the other stacks.

For 3, it's an effect thing, an emotional whosawhatsit. If you draw the marked card again, just mark it more.

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Hi Orion,

Not missing anything! It's an extremely rules-light game, and the rules that exist are all the rules there are. It's made to let you take what's there and run with it!

A quick edit to clarify- the game as written assumes you know a bit of "inside baseball". Which is to say, it assumes you already know and play some TTRPGs and are down to play something small & dumb

Try a different web browser, something might be glitchin' out

Hey, thank you!

It's definitely a janky game, that doesn't work super perfectly to say the least lol. What you experienced is pretty much exactly as intended, and how it worked in my playtests

Glad to hear you enjoyed it overall, and thanks for writing about it here! :)