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Hey I saw you send some really weird shit to one of my friends on instagram. Might explaining what you meant with shebulls?

very well polished game! I like the concept but I can see it getting repetitive pretty quickly (altho still need to finish it)

Lolol reminds me of the ol flash games, kick your computer to bits n such.

That's all, I just think she looks good

Very good game, I am not biased


Can I call this a 3X game? eXplore, eXpand, eXchange?

>CBA (central bro agency)
>Hacker dudes
>Bro agents
I got a chuckle every time I read any of these names.

The best and worst entry by far, congrats bro!

I am not that fond of vampires but this seems like a great  OPR wargame! It has everything you need to play a wargame, from basic movement to different game modes all in just 2 pages. Excellent work!

It was fun making them! And yes I realised after submitting that recycling makes no noise which can result in some rather silly nonesense.  Just imagine that when you eat a sentinel from behind that you first go for the spikey parts and sensory organs.

Have fun!

Thanks! Not exactly non-violent but yes that was the original plan. And yes they are objects you can recycle, the vessel's AI is not the same as on object's AI, you control the vessel directly, the object's AI use the strict ruleset under the AI section. Sorry for the complication.

When I learn to code I might try, could make some more cool art assets in that case. I'll keep you notified.

Pretty neat ship printouts! This seems worth to try out with the prints. I do find the design decisions peculiar and the units pretty wacky. Is it okay if I ask a few questions about the design over discord? I'm forkstaf#4014.

Also, no torpedoes? Are drone ships meant to be torpedoes? Torpedoes are cool you know.

The game is about entropy, there is no way to win and the goal is indeed to just see how many turns you last. You keep track of the turns with the time tile and it isn't cut! It's on the left side of the map!

You don't need to kill the sentinels, in fact they're always a net loss in energy unles you're extremely lucky.

Also, thanks, the team and I appreciate it! :DDD

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really cool neat little game!

I see a lot of potential, (I'm gonna go a bit ideological so ignore if you don't like that BUT) you could easily teach people on how planets are habitable for us humans and all the specific factors that go into that: atmospheric pressure, composition, greenhouse gasses,ect... If the game was ever to be expanded. Which you could also then use to showcase why climate change on our little dirtball is so important! :D

Really enjoyable, very nice graphics for such a small game and overall great, keep at it!

Are you doing okay? Is everything alright? You want to talk? If you do, try make some friends outside, there's bound to be at least someone that will care about you. And else just send a message here: forkstaf#4014 I'll try to respond as quickly as I can.

Everyone deserves love, even if it's very little.