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Forgotten Dawn

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10/10 Now that's a good meme for the meme NPC

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Hello, everyone.

This thread is for any idea/suggestion you'd like to submit for the next public build.

Though I may end up not taking everything you'll submit into consideration, know that I'll be reading your feedback and try to update this post as much as I can.

For easier browsing, you may also use tags such as [Story], [Gameplay], [General] at the start of your post to give me a general idea of what your submission is about.



Things already being taken into account:

- True free roaming in major outdoor areas such as The Garden, a.k.a. no more monorailing
- More environmental props and graphical enhancements throughout the whole game world
- More areas and more story, with a better climax and closure
- Better quest direction in early game

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One of my testers tried it on Ubuntu and it worked fine. If you're experiencing any issue, you're welcome to report it. Thanks.

EDIT: Welp, there's been a misunderstanding on my part. The game is still a Windows executable that happened to run on Wine 3.0. I'll remove the compatibility from the list.

Hi there, I make stuff. :)

I'm a graphic design student and I compose music for video games and personal projects. I like designing games as well, mostly but not limited to adventures and narrative experiences. I've just published my early access game here on itch.io and so far I really like this website. Clean and simple. Just the way I like things.

I hope to make some good contacts here and I'm also open for music commissions. I have a pretty extensive portfolio (Newgrounds, Audiojungle) for anyone who's interested.