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Forgotten Dawn

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Hello. That's a good idea, thanks for your suggestion. As for your game, you might consider my Ambient, Downtempo or Cinematic tracks.

If nothing else works, feel free to check my YouTube and Bandcamp accounts (Main | VGM). Most of my music only requires you to credit me, except covers and existing soundtracks. Full licensing details here.

Thank you.

Super moody experience. Very artsy cinematography (Lynch comes to mind) and fleshy, visceral map design. Big kudos to the ambient soundtrack, as well. I still find myself intrigued by the prototype—that early version of the game that was, at the time, in full color and stuck in a perpetual cycle. Something about the process of looping through familiar maps feels particularly oppressive to me. It feels inescapable, no matter what you do. A different type of prison.


You're free to use it for commercial projects, at the sole cost of attribution. Further licensing notes are specified in the readme text. Thank you

Hope it helps! Can't wait to see your next projects :)

That sounds exciting, definitely looking forward to it. Do you have a Discord, by chance? I'd love to get in touch.

And sure, an update would be great since I discovered my music on your game about six months after it was first streamed, haha.

Thanks! I actually found the lack of crediting a bit strange since I grew curious about the rest of the soundtrack, though given the short length perhaps it was intentional. Have you been working on new projects?

Thanks for using my lo-fi ambiance! I found out only today by pure chance through Vinesauce.

Pretty cool experience. You do have talent.

10/10 Now that's a good meme for the meme NPC

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Hello, everyone.

This thread is for any idea/suggestion you'd like to submit for the next public build.

Though I may end up not taking everything you'll submit into consideration, know that I'll be reading your feedback and try to update this post as much as I can.

For easier browsing, you may also use tags such as [Story], [Gameplay], [General] at the start of your post to give me a general idea of what your submission is about.



Things already being taken into account:

- True free roaming in major outdoor areas such as The Garden, a.k.a. no more monorailing
- More environmental props and graphical enhancements throughout the whole game world
- More areas and more story, with a better climax and closure
- Better quest direction in early game

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One of my testers tried it on Ubuntu and it worked fine. If you're experiencing any issue, you're welcome to report it. Thanks.

EDIT: Welp, there's been a misunderstanding on my part. The game is still a Windows executable that happened to run on Wine 3.0. I'll remove the compatibility from the list.

Hi there, I make stuff. :)

I'm a graphic design student and I compose music for video games and personal projects. I like designing games as well, mostly but not limited to adventures and narrative experiences. I've just published my early access game here on and so far I really like this website. Clean and simple. Just the way I like things.

I hope to make some good contacts here and I'm also open for music commissions. I have a pretty extensive portfolio (Newgrounds, Audiojungle) for anyone who's interested.