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Thanks for the response and you're welcome! But awesome I'll defiantly give it another go. Unfortunately my computers' power supply decided to take a crap so I have a new one coming in and once I receive it this will be the first game I play (again, haha) so I can see the end. 

This a well done game. And I enjoyed it. But, I unfortunately could not finish it. My key was never populated so I was stuck in the house forever.  :( If you fix it and I can obtain the key I'll play it again so I can see the ending. 

Fun game. Even though I didn't beat it I still had fun. I'll defiantly play it again and see it I can beat it!

Wow that took a turn! Great game. My first game I've played/recorded in a month (because I was waiting on my new computer). But great job!

No problem. I really do love the game. Super awesome! And thank you!

Cool game. I'm an absolutely terrible deliver guy...

Wow. Has a slow ramp up to a wow what the hell moments. Well done! 

Video Length 23:36

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Another awesome game by Dave Microwave Games! A little hard to see stuff at times but super fun game non the less!

(Video Length 15:45)

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I just downloaded it from the link button that says "download" in the description. 

Great game! Fun, very nice looking but the flash light life is way to short. I had to use the god mode to keep the game more fun and enjoyable. Other then that awesome game!

(Video Length 9:22)

Forged By Games Dementia playthrough

To watch my play through of Dementia click the image to be redirected to YouTube.

Was a really fun game. The only down side for me was there was no tire sliding sound or destruction sounds. That would of made it awesome! But it was still a very fun game to play.

(Please only click the video if you're interested in watching my play through. Thanks.

 Video Length 12:57)

Forged By Games playthrough of Bus Stop Blast

To watch my play through of Bus Stop Blast click the image to be redirected to YouTube.

Really enjoyed your game! Suspenseful, dark, creepy and has a real message. Well done! Side note: your door handle feel off in the game... XD

(Please only click the video if you're interested in watching my play through.

 Video Length 25:29)

Forged By Games Plays : The Mask Reveal's A Disgusting Face

To watch my play through of The Mask Reveal's A Disgusting Face click the image to be redirected to YouTube.

That was fun to play but sometimes my arm/legs went through the floor and made it kinda difficult. But over all super fun!

Video length 10mins.

You're welcome! It must of been the 3 strips of bacon. Just to much meat. XD Thanks and I'll be back for sure.

Super fun and crazy game. I'll for sure be coming back to play the finished or updated version. I want to know what's in the box!! (you did me dirty telling me I could open it then leaving me hanging like that! XD)

Couple side notes:

1: I apparently made such a man BLT my sandwich blew right throw my plate! XD

2: Cardboard the cats rocket ship feel through the floor half way, but luckily he still cleared the tower and made a safe trip to space!

Other then that awesome game!

Game had tension without anything really going on. Well done! 

Wow what a awesome game with a hell of a ending! Well done!

Forged By Games Last Gleam playthrough

Click the image above to watch my playthrough of Last Gleam on YouTube!

Thank you I appreciate it! And no problem. I've done some game development myself and I know how challenging it can be (I even released a mobile game that got over 50,000 downloads a few years back). You guys need anything else reviewed or replayed when you get more done you know where to find me! XD

You're welcome and thanks for the reply. Sounds good. I'll be back for the second part for sure then. :)

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Simple, fun and suspenseful. Well done! Looking forward to part 2 (if you plan on making it)!

Forged By Games playthrough of Man's Fate

Click the image above to watch my playthrough of Man's Fate on YouTube!

Very cool little game. My thoughts on the game at the end of the video. Thanks for the invite to play your game!

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

Thanks! Yeah Ash is a badass but nothing to a piece of demonic Ash... XD

Very interesting game. Well done! 

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

Awesome game! Great atmosphere and tension. I'll be waiting for the full game for sure! 

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

The tables have turned! Well done. Was pretty fun game to play but when Ash backed me into a corner its was difficult to get out. XD

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

Surprisingly fun little game. Well done! 

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

Super fun game. Puts the pressure on you that's for sure!

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

Wow, what a awesome first part! That ending left me mad because I couldn't play more. :) Everything about this game was done very well. Nice job. 

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

Everything about this game; visuals, sounds, mechanics and animations are excellent. My only thing is it was way to short. But this game has a lot of potential to expand if that is indeed your plan. But excellent start!

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

Awesome little game jam game. Well done. If you decide to make it into a longer game like your other games let me know.  Thanks again for the invite! 

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

This game is fun and hilarious! Awesome job!

(Note: The cannon balls load into the cannon when you throw them at the chickens if it's to close. Not sure if it's what you was going for or a byproduct. Other then that a lot of fun!)

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

Awesome short horror game! Had fun playing it. Those sounds definitely enhance the scary atmosphere. 

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

Awesome little game! Well done!

Youtuber: ForgedByGames