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Super fun and crazy game. I'll for sure be coming back to play the finished or updated version. I want to know what's in the box!! (you did me dirty telling me I could open it then leaving me hanging like that! XD)

Couple side notes:

1: I apparently made such a man BLT my sandwich blew right throw my plate! XD

2: Cardboard the cats rocket ship feel through the floor half way, but luckily he still cleared the tower and made a safe trip to space!

Other then that awesome game!


haha thank you so much for the feedback weve never seen the sandwich fly through the plate like that before! but everything else has been noted were workin on absolving tons of bugs but we appreciate the notes! thank you so much for playin and enjoying we would really love to see you be back to see whats in the box!


You're welcome! It must of been the 3 strips of bacon. Just to much meat. XD Thanks and I'll be back for sure.