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this is awesome! I'm so excited to play a final version <3 music was on point too

we're working on it! We have a spinoff VR game that's coming out next week and then we're quitting our dayjobs to finish This Side Up ;)

this was so dope! I liked the concept a lot. 

Please see the jam page for the results!

Thank you everyone!

thanks so much for playing our game! Loved your reaction to cardboard being a communist haha

awesome! hope you enjoy :) We'll be coming out with a full version soon.

Just checked the download, It's working on multiple machines and I couldn't see how it isn't working for some reason. Maybe try a different browser and see if that helps!

Thanks for playing our game! Loved the video

haha thank you so much for the feedback weve never seen the sandwich fly through the plate like that before! but everything else has been noted were workin on absolving tons of bugs but we appreciate the notes! thank you so much for playin and enjoying we would really love to see you be back to see whats in the box!

AAAAA the console! thanks for reminding me haha

Aaaa thanks leafo! That means a lot coming from you 😊 were hoping to get featured now that we’ve put out a post jam build!

Hey Everyone! We just released a post jam update to our game, and now we're currently working on turning it into a full game. For now though, we have minor bug fixes, quality of life, and tiny content additions in the game. Enjoy! <3

Hey YIn! Thank you so much for the support we appreciate it a ton! <3 Thank you for the feedback as well, we've recently finished a post-jam version that indicates when an object is interactive. We also got right of the pressing E and just made everything left click to interact, right click to rotate. I'll be sure to let you know when we put out the new build (After the voting for the jam is over) so you can try it out! thanks so much again. -Fasefasefase

Music is so good! I loved this game a lot. My only critique would be that the difficulty curve fell off fast and I wanted it to get harder, but great game!

Hey Hawk! Thank you so much for the compliments and the criticism. We had hit a wall in our five day game jam, and we weren't able to add quality of life type changes into the build. However, we are just about done with a post-jam update that adds a lot more smoothness to the experience. When we upload it tomorrow, we'd love a follow up on what you think again! 

you didn't play through the whole thing?? you have to leave the box for a couple seconds after moving it to continue!

this idea is GENIUS! I love the concept so much. my only issue is figuring out who is who at the beginning of the game, maybe numbering or name tags would add to the chaos? I'm gonna get a full game of this going one day and record a video!

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Hey everyone!

We just published our submission for the UE4Jam yesterday and would love some input or comments on what people think. This Side Up is a physics-based narrative comedy game about keeping an eye on your friends special box. We're seriously considering doing a post-jam version along with a longer version because this was way too fun to make. Let us know if we should do that!


the glitches where my head is off the side of the map or in a place where I can't see are extremely annoying, but the rest are fine. There was also no indication that I was able to climb walls, so it took me a short moment to infer that was what i was supposed to do on the third level, but I still figured it out pretty fast. Not sure if that was your intention. 

cool game! I loved the art. There were extremely frustrating moments where my head would roll off the side of furniture and glitch my whole body out until i died, but other than that it was solid.