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Both - in the terms all commercial rights are granted and I always tell them.  I also always link their gig to help them generate more orders / customers.

Pretty much! I commission art all the time for various side projects / hobbies.  Love working with different artists.  I don't post everything up and half is free.  The other half doesn't actually make any money to justify it all but I do it for fun and helps with the hobby budget a bit :D

Cheers- FoozleCC

Feel free to use / edit however you want for your game :)

Thanks! Story is a bit of a goof but happy with how it turned out for the time I had :)

Thanks! I had an issue with the effect I was using causing issues with the spine plugin.  I have since made updates to the procedural lighting effect so that the issue "hopefully" doesn't happen any more :) Thanks for reporting it!

got it! Was wondering what was triggering the reset, I always end up rotating tilemaps for "infinite" scrollers

The robot had some great motivational lines :) well done! were you calling a layout restart to achieve the "scroll"?

This game is awesome.  You should work toward publishing it post jam.  Nice job!

I enjoyed the overall look and feel.  I especially loved the teleport ability - nice job!

Immortalizing Yanniboi and ScreamingGoat for their contributions toward exposing an in game exploit and also showing the need for server side anti cheating 😂 Thank you! I have now cleaned the leaderboard and will attempt to keep it so.

Thanks Federico! I was happy with how the mini game / toy came out.  Hope you can knock Xanderwood down a few spots :)

appreciate the review LTGD! and yes, some things just take priority :)

thanks for the play and feedback! It was a ton of fun figuring out how to have a public leaderboard, glad it’s working lol

thanks! Yes - the ability to beat Xanderwood on a public leaderboard was the grand plan all along

thanks for taking the time to play and rate / provide feedback! Yeah, the leaderboard was fun to get working, makes even simple things more fun when you are ranked somehow lol

wow! That is insane.

thanks for letting me know - I have removed the score from playfab out of fairness :) extra points for discovering it though lol- I will fix it later

Darn you! Always beating my top score.  Now I am wondering who cheater is and if they actually cheated 😂 

so painful to see your game break while someone else is playing 😂 will give it a whirl on the mini at some point and see if I can see what happened there

thanks for letting me know! Looks like I will have to break out the Mac mini and test.  I wonder if it is the spine plugin or the lighting effect :/ anywhere you posted the stream for me to watch? Thanks!

23,504 High Score

Awesome and unique entry!  Nice job

This is a mush play game in the jam.  Awesome job!

Thanks! Will have to see where I take it - it was testing several items I am planning on using in a larger game I am embarking on this year.  Hopefully it can commence soon and I can share dev logs along the way :)

Thanks Marlin! Yeah, the lighting effect was fun to implement.  I finally published the effect up on itch too with a youtube tutorial so hopefully others can figure out how to add to their C3 games

Thanks for the comment spikegamedev! Yes on the C3 front :)

Thanks Namida! Appreciate you taking the time to review, definitely agree that some limitation would be needed in a full game :)

Definitely OP but I agree it made it fun :D Like a couple have said in a real game I would likely have to limit it in some way but for now, unlimited flying it is!

Thanks MeagerZombi! I had a lot of fun putting it together :)

Thanks MightyJor! For the flying animation I made use of bone rotation on the spine rig so that the arm with the hammer was always rotated in the right direction and I had a lerping function on the rotation of the rest of the body relative to the motion / speed.  Thanks for taking the time to review!

Thanks ventually! Appreciate you taking the time to review the game!

Thanks! Never considered myself much of an artist but I am getting there :)  Appreciate the review!

Thank you Newlander for the review!

Thanks for the amazing compliment skywatcher!

Thanks GhostBit! new favorite word of amazeballs

Thanks memile! Appreciate the feedback.

Thanks Flamingo Games! Definitely a good recommendation if I take the character further.

Thanks Fodi for the catch! I have updated the link. 👍

This entry was awesome.  Really nice job, loved playing through the demo.

Thanks Comfy! I spend more time on art that I usually do so its great to hear positive feedback on it.