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Thanks for the link also!

Oof watch out for the 'install bing bar' checkbox in that installer, remember to uncheck it 

12.07 minutes on 4th attempt, completely forgot how to play my own game.

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Helper script:

To use this extension, simply call this once at launch: 
Then, put the following code in an async -> System event
Object -> Click "Add event"
"Asynchronous" (bottom right)
"System event" (last on the list).
// Check to see what kind of event happened
var eventType = ds_map_find_value(async_load,"event_type");
// If a file was dropped over the window
if eventType == "file_drop"
    // This is the absolute path
    var filePath = ds_map_find_value(async_load,"filename");
    // Print it 
    // Will return the full path, e.g. "C:\Users\user\Documents\Test.txt"
    // When multiple files are included, this event will be called
    // once per file. 

I second that

Autofill is a great idea! Perhaps if you clicked the recipe from the recipe book it could fill it in! Was there anything else? 

Thanks! Did you have any suggestions?

Will do! Do you have steam?

Thanks for playing, I'm so glad to hear it hooked you! Other people have mentioned soil being confusing too, I'll have to tweak that somehow. I'm relieved that you found everything else user friendly. Did you have any suggestions?

Thanks! Did you have any suggestions?

Very nice score, what was your tactic? 

It's interesting you managed to lose! There are several safeguards in place to prevent that, for example when you purchase the basic fruit basket, it always ensures you have enough ingredients to make the first smoothie. How did you manage to get around it?

Thanks for playing! I completely agree about the end game being a bit jarring. Being able to purchase additional crafting tracks is a fantastic idea! I'll definitely add something like that. Were there any other suggestions?

Hi! I'm so glad to hear you had fun and gave it a second go. 8.30 is a really good score, nice work! What was your tactic?

What are ascensions? And what other things is it missing? I haven't played many idle games

Thanks for playing! I'm surprised to hear that the smoothie shop job was not fun, although it is customer service so... I agree ice was a bit of a weird one, but I wanted all of the items to be put under a select few basic categories.

Other than that, did you have any other suggestions?

Nothing comes up when I search for that, or go to the direct profile url

It definitely needs some work, I agree. Thank you so much for the suggestions. Do you have any other ideas? 

Thanks for the suggestion! The problem is, you can buy any ingredient right at the start of the game, so if all the recipes only required knowing what the ingredient was to reveal themselves, you could skip making them all  and jump straight to the most profitable one and win a lot faster. That said, that's where the fun begins so maybe that would be the best approach

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you had fun. Do you have any suggestions?

That's an interesting point! No one has brought that up yet. I supposed the panel could split down the middle? Thanks for pointing it out, was there anything else?

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I achieved 100k in 5.87 minutes! Nice guide, I love it lol

Are you on steam btw?

I can imagine your finger hurting after that! If you only ever make the first 2 drinks you won't get to reach the automation part which is where the fun really starts! The final drink is a lot more profitable to automate.

I agree it needs a sell maximum button, oversight on my part. 

Other than that, did you have any suggestions?

Thanks! It actually took 14 hours, I just made the page early in case there were server issues!

I agree the theme could have been better implemented. Other than that, did you have any suggestions?

That's an amazing guide haha, I love it. I'll have to give it a try and see what I can score with it

Btw you can use the arrow keys to scroll the menus too. I wonder if this can make your speed run faster knowing this.

Thanks for playing! I'd love to expand this too. Did you have any suggestions?

Beautiful. And for free? Nice

Wow that's amazing, what's your tactic? And do you have any suggestions?

It ended up being an issue on my end, chrome has disabled webGL so I had to use firefox to play all the entries that weren't HTML5

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you had fun! The theme was intended to be implemented as dice rolls on what fruit you get with each purchase. Did you have any suggestions?

Ooooh really point actually! So maybe an ability to separate/halve stacks like in minecraft?

Shift click for sure! The odds of each item drops are all equal, but you're right, it would have definitely made the theme clearer. 

I agree it should have been mentioned which fruits come from where, but a little detail is that if you look at the colours on each shop item, they are made from the fruits it contains! 

This is really helpful, was there anything else?

Selling ingredients for a very small value is a great idea! It's funny you mention stacklands, it was the inspiration for this game!

What do you mean by all the clickers being in one stack?

Ah that's fair yeah. Perhaps some better signposting!

Thanks! Those are some very kind words, I'd love to make a proper game out of it.

You can scroll the menu with the arrow keys if your mouse is over it btw

Did you have any suggestions?

Alright I'll just head over to the ice tree.

Thanks! Do you have any suggestions? 

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing! Did you have any suggestions?

With regards to the theme, it was meant to be a dice roll which fruits you got from the shop but I never had time to do any kind of animation for that. 

You're correct, it should have been called an autoseller, but I realised that after I'd made the art and it was too late to change it. 

I'd have loved to add trash, that was on the todo list, but instead I opted to simply make it so you have enough spaces to store all items in the game as I ran out of time.

How could I have made the auto seller more clear? 

And did you have any suggestions? 

Thanks for playing, what do you mean by cut off?

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed the endgame. Timer on the tooltips is an interesting idea. I was considering making it so you could disable them if you wanted as well.

Other than that, did you have any other suggestions? 

Thanks for playing, did you have any suggestions? Other than balance the pricing better