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Thanks for playing our game and giving feedback gtaveira! We'll make the next version easier, I promise.😂

Thanks Matteo!

I love the art style of your game, I'll check it out!

We did kind of lean towards deliberately not letting the player have much control (per the theme), but we might have gone a little overboard!🤣

Thanks for playing the game and giving feedback sidheofhills! We'll keep that in mind when we update it in future.😊

Hey WombatBat!

If you hold shift it will give you a boost of hose control for a short time. There are also hidden objectives and some of them are much easier to achieve than putting out the fires. ;)

Thanks for taking the time to download and play our game!

Magnificent. I wish every mech shooter was like this. Flight simulator for mechs.

(Sidenote: the transition from menu music to gameplay is deafening.)

Nice one though!

This was a neat idea!

I struggled real hard on level 2 though, difficulty ramps up fast! haha.

Ah! I feel so silly! I was slamming those texts up right away and then yes- was unable to comprehend the text as it spend by. My fault! :)

What an experience! I managed to get Bonsamurai with 1328 (I think?).

Great combination of calm visuals/music and the snipping noise is so satisfying!

The cough was a nice touch.

Sounds great, looks great, but I can't seem to get any keys working to send a message. Moving/mouse works but not Enter. 😢

Thanks for the feedback, greatly appreciated!

I probably won't submit this game but I do have some other games in the works, maybe I'll submit those. Thanks for the heads up. :)