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Hi, I recently published my new game!
This is a horror visual novel about Santa Claus focused on finding as many as 14 possible endings!
But do not be too afraid - the game is seasoned with humor and can be 100% completed in just a couple of hours.
Many options for passing will not let you get bored because in a sense this game is a rougelike, which means that each new entry in search of a new ending can be distinguished by a great variety of choices.

Also one of the highlights is that 90% of the visuals in the game are made by neural networks!

Please try my game and if you wish, write a comment.

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in order to make tree grow you should collect bags with something (first one just to the right of the tree) and then bring it inside the tree. after that tree will grow and you will have to collect 2 bags on each side of new upper level. Hope this will help)

when you turn off cheat mode camera start following you ;3

Thanks! Maybe discoveryng is good because i am curently work on another platformer in metroidvania style ;3

also there is cheat mode (check description on itch) for such situations 

you can climb edges. this hole made to teach you this. just jump holding W and direction key (A or D) so that player hit the third by height block and player will automaticaly climb up. btw holding W makes you jump higher

Great level design )

bug fixes is coming