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I stopped working on it a few reasons.  Me and my wife had a kid - I started a new job and I got a lucrative contracting deal as a side-gig...

 It kinda boiled down to the fact that I felt like I should work on things that would more obviously have a return.  So I'm spending my spare time just writing boring code rather than making games... Selling out, packing up shop and joining the rat race :D

I'd consider the game finished - I'd just planned on keeping on going with updates - something I should probably reconsider in light of what I'm saying here...

Be keen to hear what you have to say!

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Here's some free keys if you and anyone else want to have a look;

Hey!   Thanks for asking - thanks for the interest. 

The project didn't quite garner enough attention for me to keep at it.    I didn't realise six months had passed already!

I'll update the projects status.

Hey - thanks for uploading a gameplay video!     

Am in the middle of making a new update at the moment - but really cool to have some interest!   
Will  have more stuff in the game yet!

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Awesome pack!

I used the bones of it here:

Thanks for the encouraging words - means a lot!
I'm hoping I've picked up the pathing problem - tbh i still have one eye on it... will see how it plays for the next week or so!

Definitely have a few plans yet for this game - appreciate your excitement for it!!

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Hey, hey, I've added your suggestion into the game.

If a version mismatch is detected - the following will show up: 

Super cool idea - thanks for telling me about it.

Thanks very much.
I'll have a look & try figure it out!  It's a trouble this one.

A message ‘there is a new version’  in the game would be ideal imho.

> Ok - this i will do.

Hey Fulco,
I've managed to setup automated builds & version numbers should now being showing.
A new version has been added today with some minor bug fixes and gameplay tweaks!

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Hey, the new update has put a fix to the problem you described.  I've shuffled around shop item prices so that you can't outspend the door cost & find yourself in the predicament you'd found yourself in!
Thanks very much for bringing it up.

I've also made a little bit of a balance change to the circuit breaker level to try and keep things flowing a bit better.

Hey Knijnsel!

Presently there isn't a way to do a version check. There is however an update due to come out this weekend.    I'll start putting version numbers on the release file names when I do it them!

Oh wow - just figured out you can't direct message in itch.
I've added a support email to the page;

Feel free to message me direct there!

Hey Chris - I'll send you a message with my email in it.

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Thanks for the update!  

- yeah, it seems like people can sometimes 'fall down a hole' when playing the game & get themselves in situations that are tricker than I'd intended.   I've found it hard / impossible to track the different permutations that the game could take - so your original feedback is invaluable.

Appreciate it!

Thanks a bunch for the feedback.  I wasn't trying to create an impossible situation - sounds very much like a balance issue.

There's a new update due out in a little bit - I'll try and knock back the difficulty for that one level... 
Very much hadn't tried to make a situation where people became stuck for that longer period!

Appreciate you taking the time to comment & thanks for playing the game!

Ok - thanks for the detail around it.  Helps a lot trying to figure out what's going on.

Super cool you're into the game - means a lot!

Oh jeez.   That bug is no good at all.     Did it happen as a one off or is it reoccurringly happening?

I'll try and replicate, fix and put out a new build....  Thanks for the bug hunting & reporting - really appreciated!

Okay, thanks for reporting!    I'll try and replicate this side.

Glad to hear you're enjoying it. Thats super cool.

Yeah - that's a pretty straight forward solution!

I had been thinking that I could drip-feed gold skulls. So every victory you always get one gold skull or something... 
I feel like it's bad design  for me to create a situation where a player can get stuck.  Like no game should have a corner you can't get out of...

Yeah - that's a pretty straight forward solution!

I had been thinking that I could drip-feed gold skulls. So every victory you always get one gold skull or something... 
I feel like it's bad design  for me to create a situation where a player can get stuck.  Like no game should have a corner you can't get out of...

Oh man, you're not missing anything. It's a...  logic oversight. 

To try and get around I had been thinking about making gold skulls for unlocking doors & normal skulls for unlocking shop stuff... But yes, a bug! A bug!

Sorry! In the mean time yes - you will need to clear your data to find your way through to the next world.  The next update will have a proper solution for this.  Thanks a bunch for finding it.


Dungems is a mix of tactics and tower defence. Invading hero's from nearby castles will try and outwit your dungeon designs - using spells, charms and shields to get around your obstacles...

Outwit the hero's to keep you treasure intact.  Use the bones of fallen enemies to unlock tower packs and upgrades.  Use these upgrades to take on even bigger hordes of hero's. 

Create a perfect deck of monsters and mechanical traps - pick the right pieces to make mince meat of the men.

Try it out!

DUNGEMS community · Created a new topic Suggestions
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Want something new?! Lets make it...

DUNGEMS community · Created a new topic Hiccups & Bugs

A place to talk over any discovered bugs!

DUNGEMS community · Created a new topic General Discussion

A place to say anything!

Hi, would you be interested in making another palette? 
ie. a snow or desert one?     

Let me know if you are - can pay you for your time - don't mind if you keep what you produce as free licensed ..!

Would you consider doing some more art pieces for this? Would be happy to pay and happy for you to keep the license open for anything commissioned ...

Hey there!  

Can i ask what the color palette you've used for the latest tilesets?
It says 'recolored by GrafxKid', prior to that it looks it was using the PICO8 Palette? Where does it go after that?

... in the middle of trying to make a game using all this stuff & need to make some extra stuff (wanting to stay loyal to the color scheme) ....