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The game is ok... I wonder why I have to enter my name again everytime I die

Lovely entry!!!

Nice design! It's very short :'(

Loved the design!

Loved this game!!! Graphics are excellent, characters are well designed, movements are so soft... I hope you can make it longer!

Loved the music and the back story!

Works fine for me! Pretty well developed game!

The browser version works fine for me... the windows versions has bugs when I reach the second screen. I loved the artwork and the minimalist concept!

The main idea is great, but the game it's very short, and difficult to play! Very nice anyways!

Very introspective!

It's kinda difficult but I loved it! Very nice entry!

The game is very entertaining but the gameplay is kinda slow. A turn-based system may be better to play and understand.

Lovely idea! I hope for a full-game after this!

Loved the graphics! Loved the gameplay, the character's design and the Space Oddysey reference at the end!

This game doesn't run on my PC :S

Loved this game! Very powerful concept, design and gameplaying! I'll love to experience a full story on this!

Sorry but the game still doesn't works on my computer :'(

I don't know why but this game is so addicting! Much creativity!

Charming experience!

I get stuck in the second screen.

The game crashes for me (windows user).

The game crashes in my PC.... I have a error.log for you! :p

This game is so WTF.... the narration is creepy as hell! Fine job!

"easily my favourite submission so far"... I think the same here!

Indeed, I have thrown everything into trash bin. The game is entertaining about that :p

This freaks me out! Very bizarre game, loved it!

Very strange game... good work anyways!!

Sorry but I just can't play the game.... Do you know why?

Needs any achievement, and music. The main idea is ok.

The same happened to me

This game remembers me a lot of Laputa (The Castle in the sky)

It needs some music! Loved the Neverhood snippet

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All your games are kinda strange and lovely at the same time. This story is charming and very well conduced... keep making these games! 5/5

PD: I hope more games of you could be playable on browsers (I'm a linux-default user :p).

I have played the browser version. I finished the game... then I tried to replay the game but some things were unlocked like paths, items, etc... so in some places you can get stuck.

ñañañaaa ñañaña ñañañaaa.....

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Lovely game!!! Gameplay is kinda strange, I loved the story!

I found some bugs on it.... when you replay the game, a lot of things are already unlocked, for example: the secret items. The game is un-replayable

Pretty game! It turns difficult to tap the SPACE button so quicky with the "break news" enemy

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Loved the game, I finished it, and yeah it's very sad that "outside scope" ending.... All characters are really nice so I expected a better ending in spite of being a demo