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Flying Robot

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Yes, you can. The jam has just got 24 hrs extension.

#sharadiyagamejam just got extended by 24 hrs. 

So, if you have just missed the deadline or have some last-minute hiccup, now it's the time to get that done.
All the best!

Jam participants can use this board to find collaborators and team up.

Best of luck!

We have taken the Elegant Sports of Boxing, excluded factors like strength, speed, reflex, height and weight of the players, and turned the sports into a board game. The result is 'Boxing Tactics'.  A two player competitive board game of deep strategy.

In this turn based table-top board game, two players faces off each other as boxers on a Hex-Grid Arena. They each have a player tile with tokens on it depicting hand positions and pivot turns. The game is played by throwing two dices each turn, playing action cards and placing small tokens which can be beads or lego blocks.  Each round is of 50 turns. Players wins by knockout or by points.

Thanks for replying. Will wait for the review :)

Hi admin,

I've just added this game

But it's not showing in search or in the listings. What is going wrong?