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Flying Zucchini

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Great game! Well done! The game looks good and plays great!

This is insane! For three days this is very polished and creative! The art is great and the music is fun and unique. Well done!

Bruh are you kidding me the graphics in this game are stunning. You have never seen good graphics in a game if you dont like these graphics! No im just kidding ur good its just the graphics in this game are stunning well done to the creator!

Truly stunning and a great fun game to play! Well done!

wow! Thanks so much I've always wanted to make dungeon game like this thanks so much!

this game is awesome i love the art and the sounds. Its great well done! may i please have the soarce code.


your welcome by the way im following you! I really like your stuff.

its an awesome game great job! I love the music and the graphics and the motion animation!

it's so much fun what a pleasant surprise! even though there are no graphics it's still so cool the way you only have so much time and you can buy stuff I really like it.

Maybe we could make checkpoints at different points in each level lole vlad suggested!

thx so much

eh its hard to but well work on it right?

with a future update!

Lol! I'm just saying its great

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You know you gave him the wrong video

This game is incredible, the graphics are perfect and the gameplay is so much fun! I couldn't imagine a better game! You have done a wonderful job! I love playing it and loved being a part of the process. I can't imagine a world without musketfish.

Wdym it has an end did you play?

I liked it but to each there own.

Awesome! The gameplay is phenomenal and fun! The graphics are great and the animation is cool! Well done.

This is incredible! I love the gameplay and the graphics! The animation looks so nice and the way you move is fun! It's not too hard and is fun to play. Great job.

A well needed update!

Wonderful game super fun! I'm glad I could help!

What's that? Is it coding only using words and not numbers and semicolons? I dunno.

The total value of the bundle is actually $8! So you get a lot for a little price.

thank you so much that would be awesome! Just know you don't have too!

actually their eyes is featured now or maybe ie just for me since I follow you but either way it's cool! Make sure to check out future games musket fish funding bundle there are 11 or 12 games for just $2 and total value is like $7! So check it out! Thanks so much.

No wonder you got featured because this game is so well featured with so many quality of life improvements like button overlays and screen shake. All these combine to make an awesome game! Well done.

How did you get featured on itch I was just wondering!

Awesome I hope it does well!

your welcome!

Wow this game looks so good! Well done. It's so simple but looks so good in the process! Good job can't wait to see more!

I truly love this game well done! I'm excited to see more. Why don't you check out future games orbit an awesome game and while your at it why don't you give me a follow I would really appreciate it! Thanks, very cool game!

i know

Wonderfully creative!