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Both "pay what you want" files and paid OST (the 5$ one)), if possible, please. Thank you!

On Discord I've posted an announcement that in three days after the deadline you stil can submit your game, but you'll have to DM me, I'll have to add it manually. :)

Hello! Yes and yes! Just don't use resources that are copyrighted.

That's okay if your game fits one of the two Jam categories! The main goal is to celebrate the anniversary of the LSD Dream Emulator and share tributes to it.

You can add paid OST! The game itself should be free, either a full release or alpha/demo.

This is a game jam, so only "pay what you want". But you can release a demo on the jam, and then make it into a paid product.

Here you go! Updated the link in the description.

Here you can post screenshots of what you made so far and discuss progress of your projects!

Ah, and I was wondering why people started to join on itch, but not on Discord. Updated, thank you!
And thanks for your kind words, I hope the jam wii be succesful! 

Yep, as it is stated in the description of the jam! But you have to mark it as a "Dream" game (inspired work), not "Emulator" (a faithful recreation of formula).

Emulated Dreams community · Created a new topic Questions

So if you have any, you can ask them here, no need to go to Discord!

Thank you! Glad that you kind of liked our game!

Repacked all versions into .zip, please check if it works now!

Thank you! We're really glad that you enjoyed our little game!

A late submission for Dream Diary Jam 2 and our first attempt at a Yume Nikki fangame. It's quite barebones because I've messed up with planning and didn't have much experience with RPG Maker MV, but I hope that the things that are present here are worthy.