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awesome :)

I'll be keeping an eye out, thanks for being so responsive!

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Aye, more like patterns. The goal is just more randomness and more spice in linework, shading etc. for a very stylistic approach.
Things like random rotation or size would also spice up the brush quite a lot! But as mentioned before: I have no idea how the technicalities look like, so sorry if I sound like a madman right now.

Thinking about it though, a lot of what I had in mind could be done with random rotation/size too if you could set the parameters. Maybe tinkering with that would prove more useful than the "random brush switch" setting?

The shorter you can set the interval the better, and since you pull the brushes from a separate file maybe transforming the brush parameters already in aseprite would be easier?

While it feels wrong to make a feature request since this is already such a nice package - would it be possible to add some kind of toggle in this so that when toggled and fed a time interval by the user, the brush would automatically switch to the next brush every N seconds?

Context is that I'd like a very random scene in which the brush changes rapidly - say every 0.1 seconds - to a random one selected.

Currently I can achieve this by toggling the random brush setting and setting up external software to hit the "Next Brush" hotkey every 0.1 seconds for me, but having it inside the plugin would be very convenient.

Thank you for creating this, this is exactly what I was looking for!

Wanted: Lead Artist and Composer.

Lead artist would need to deal with everything ranging from vehicle/character design, animation, a bit of world building to background art. Essentially the role Paul Veer took in the development of Nuclear Throne, if you are familiar.

Composer is needed for roughly 8-9 tracks of under 90~ seconds length.

Pay: Revenue Share


The game being worked on is called REDLINE CROOKS and is a unique top-down roguelite vehicle brawler. You escape the Law in a high-adrenaline vehicle chase while letting nothing stop you, whether that be cops, bandits, bullets or walls. With 9 characters that throw, slice and rocket jump through the game assisted by 120+ upgrades, the game has quite a lot to speak for it!

The project has been in solo development for roughly a year now. It's current state is "practically gameplay content complete".
90% of the content and systems planned for it are done, however it lacks all art and audio assets, which is why I need your help!


- Email:

- Discord: Fluury#3018

Extra Notes:

- If you want to dive into the deepest details of the game, please refer to this pitch doc I had prepared earlier this year for publishers:
Click Me!

- No Deadline. I aim for a release Q1 next year, though.

Here are some small gameplay clips with glorious placeholder assets: