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So i played the game for about 10 minutes, firstly Don't make the game quit when pressing Q. let the player pan the camera with A and D (left & right). I would also strongly recommend changing the font you are using, its very hard to read and its going to put off a lot of people. Remove the use of the middle mouse button in general gameplay its not a common key and its a little troublesome to use constantly. 

So now the game, I love the idea of the game but I think the whole control scheme feels very out of place for a village sim, I think it needs a complete redesign after fiddling about with it for 5 minutes I managed to harvest some flowers and reeds but couldn't work out how to build anything.

In its current gameplay state I have no interest in picking the game up again I didn't see anything that it does better than any of the other games in the genre.

Downloaded the file again today and not getting any problems now. No idea what's changed in the last week but all is good.

Windows Defender is kicking back a virus warning While I'll assume that isn't the case it would be best if you deal with it.

Awesome,  is there anyway to know what the current sub-version you are on compared to the most resent, its difficult to know if theres any updates .

Found a bug in version 4 (incorrect recpies) in the clay furnace the recipe for charcoal is 1 charcoal and the recipe for metal is 1 metal.