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Ich weiß nicht, ob hier jemand reinschaut, aber ich kann ja mal was ankündigen: Nächste Woche kommt voraussichtlich die dritte Intrige. Dann werde ich auch den Preis noch einmal anheben: 1 Euro pro Intrige, also pro Spieleabend, scheint mir nicht zu hoch gegriffen. 

No worries, now we‘re in sync again.

This little gem of a game is now also available in German:

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This is a great package, thoughtfully put together, full of new ideas and adapted aspects of recent PbtA innovations. I ran Ravenloft and A Simple Dungeon with it. As with any system , it did need some getting used to, coming from DW or even WoDu. I‘ve  described a few things that came up on my blog:

Gibt es in der frühen Version des Spiels ungeklärte Fragen, zu denen ihr eine Antwort sucht? Stellt sie hier! Es gibt keine dummen Fragen – jeder Text kann besser, deutlicher, verständlicher werden.

Habt ihr einen Probedurchgang mit Freund:innen gespielt? Bitte erzählt mir, welche Fälle, welche Personen und Orte zum Einsatz kamen. Welche Geheimnisse waren im Spiel? Solche Angaben helfen bei der nächsten Überarbeitung sehr. 

Vielen Dank!

Well... one thing we did come across is the Wildsoul's Take the Risk, which has a small error. "Like your spirit animal" should be optional (and include room for specifying an action), whereas "acting in tandem" should be default.

Hi, just want to say thank you for the char keeper, I have used it and will do so again in an upcoming twoshot.

Thank you for the explanation, I get that now. I still wonder, how would you handle rolls of 3-6 in spellcasting? 

  • Say a character was trying to create a rainstorm. On a 5, the sun would still disappear behind the clouds and it would start raining, right?
  • Or take the disguise spell - on a six, the spellcasting character would at least be unrecognizable, would they not? Whereas on a 12, they might look like a certain council member they were trying to imitate.
  • Levitation is already limited to vertical. What further limits to the spell effect would you impose on a 3-6?

Addendum, as I'm still thinking about your game: I'm asking because from a read, that rule seems overly harsh, being able to get the full effect of the spell only once per level, so quite possibly one once every few sessions once you're level 3 or higher.

Ok, I'll bite: "on a 12, you do something amazing! On a 7 or more, you cannot cast the spell again". Does that mean that, on a 12, after doing something amazing, I cannot cast the spell again?

Just a little heads-up, I have a new set of options ready, in English, for 1930's pulp and hardboiled adventures. It's called Daredevils, in honour of an old RPG, and can be found unter the same link as above. 

From a read, I like Journeyman so much that I've created a set of Fantasy character options for a module I'm bound to run, simply to inspire my players. This is highly specific, of course, and in German to boot ... still, wanted to let you know.

Agreed, someone to talk to would be a nice addition.

I ran this yesterday for a group of two, a champion and a soldier. Great little incursion, and so easy to run! Well written, evocative, and plenty of material to pick from. I will from now on recommend it whenever someone asks for an adventure for a new Trophy GM. 5 out of 5!

As a bonus, here is a German translation of the ballad (in metre) in case anybody ever needs it: 

Bevor die Eltern der Eltern geboren,
So heißt es in den Sagen,
Ward in den Tiefen der Airgead-Schlucht
Die Terlin-Mine gegraben.

Der Terlin-Sippe gehörte die Stadt,
Ihnen gehörten die Loren,
Doch dauert' ihr Glück nur kurze Zeit,
Alles ging verloren.

Manche sagen, sie gruben zu tief,
Zu schnell ließen sie bohren.
Das Mithril, das den Reichtum brachte
Ging schon bald verloren.

Die Stadt war trunken im Silberrausch,
Hunger war unbekannt,
Bis die Wesen des alten Kalduhr
Mit Furcht überzogen das Land.

Aus den Minen erschollen die Lieder
Von Monstren und grausigen Zeichen,
Zermalmenden Felsen und spitzen Zähnen.
Sie ließen die Hörer erbleichen.

Trotz Warnung forderten täglich noch
Die Terlin heraus ihr Glück,
Bis zu dem Tag, da die Bestie kam
Und niemand kehrte zurück.

So wurde schließlich die Mine geschlossen.
Nur selten gelingt es Schürfern
Noch, Mithril zu suchen und heimzukehren.
Wer klug ist, hält sich fern.

Ah, I guessed it might be Irish, but couldn‘t pronounce it. Thank you!

How do you pronounce Airgead - something like AIR- jee?

Wow, what a stimulating idea. I'm impressed. Must try.

Thanks for making me blush!

I'm glad you like it!

I must confess I truly love this game,
Or at the very least the writing and layout. 

This is excellent. A complete traditional RPG (with a few twists) in a small package.

Thanks for your kind remarks! As the deck gets shuffled at Midnight (play time), I'd personally rule that when the deck is depleted, the party is exhausted and needs to make camp/go to bed. No more risky actions on this day, sorry ...

Oh, I'm no great fonts expert, and you should certainly not pick one that's hard to read, but even in Sans Serif, I think there are fonts with more personality, like Josefin or Fira (both freely available on Google Fonts).

Werewolf-type bluffing game. Some nice touches; I like the implied background and of course the qualities all starting with D! Would have appreciated a different font choice.

Social game for exactly four. Probably better at the table than over Zoom. Lovely idea, would like to try someday.

A bit abstract, but intentionally so. Would like to play, and that is high praise.

Lasers & Feelings hack. Not quite complete yet, but I like it so far. Studio rewrites are a great idea.

I used this to run "Devil's Canyon" (from Shadows of Yog-Sothoth) as a oneshot. Really liked it. It's almost as minimalist as Cthulhu Dark, but feels more traditional. Not all investigators are necessarily doomed.

Not quite sure how I feel about equipment, which is too limited to actually be all of an investigator's equipment. If it's just some stuff someone with this profession would have, why list it at all?

This is a nice little module. My group played it yesterday (using a Funnel-type system, not Mothership). The traitor was discovered. My players liked the idea how those Zombie infections come to pass. At first, they were a bit reluctant about facing the threat, though. 

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We played this today and had a lot of fun. 

The group managed to kill the vampire queen, though one character became a vampire himself. He is not as evil as she was though, he only drinks the blood of highwaymen and murderers and their ilk.

The troll in the ice puzzle was very popular with players, though they did not come up with a solution, they just fought it.

One complaint: Shouldn't an adventure with so many nails feature a few hammers as well?

I finally played the game with a group today. We used the Mörk Borg dungeon Blood of SHE. The PCs diverged in some crazy directions. 

One had been Officer of Punishment at a king's court, where he had also learned the skills Con Man 2 and Strike Down 3. We also had an alchemist 2 who brewed transmutation potions 3, and a former Carpenter 2 who also knew Advantageous Cursing 2 and Spread Bad Vibes 2.

I regularly asked them how they had acquired their new skills, had they had a teacher etc. That worked pretty well. We definitely had a lot of fun with Shoes in the Dark.

Und jetzt könnt ihr euch auch anmelden.

Thank you, Slade, that really is helpful. Sure, some things will always have to be negotiated by individual groups, but I think I now have a better understanding of the intended game flow. For tonight we have another session scheduled, and our GM (who is also following this discussion) has hinted at upcoming fights, so your timely advice is very much appreciated.

Hey Slade, thank you for the answer, that was helpful.

May I ask just one more convoluted question? I'm not sure I understand scene details, even with the examples you give in the rules. 

  • "My mace smashes the floor tile to pieces!" Ok, I could see how I'd follow up on that, drive my opponent back and make them stumble, or try to reveal something hidden beneath that tile. I'd get a +1 for exploiting a detail if I did either of those, right?

It's really the second example that gives me a headache:

  •  "I slash at his left arm!" How is that a scene detail and not just, um, a declaration of intent? Can't I just say where I hit my opponent when I add a hard detail? Isn't damage always specific?

I'd be more than happy to hear your thoughts on that problem.

Hello, I've only just played in my second session of TIH yesterday. I find it intriguing, but am struggling to understand some of the concepts.

One question that came up: Can class-based positive details (like the Weapon Master of the Veteran) also be used to gain a +1 once per scene? Or is this only applicable to the details of items?

Danke dir! Das freut mich sehr zu hören. 

Es ist so geworden, weil ich die Kampagne zuerst mit Neulingen gespielt habe, die ebenfalls mit den Kronen und einem Spielzug, den sie als Gruppe einmal pro Session nutzen können, ein wenig überfordert waren. Brindlewood Bay ist nicht kompliziert, aber ich habe versucht, noch einige Kleinigkeiten zu vereinfachen.

Aber trotzdem ist es kein Selbstläufer. Allein der Ablauf der Erzählung und dass die Spielleitung nur redet und nicht würfelt ... daran muss sich erst gewöhnen, wer bisher vielleicht nichts als D&D gespielt hat. Eventuell hilft die Erklärung oben ja noch ein, zwei Menschen. Würde mich freuen.

I’ve played it and ended up with this great Lovecraftian tale happening to my character on a ship voyage. Strongly recommendedl!

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Ich hab‘s gespielt und eine gruslige Geschichte in guter Lovecraft-Tradition auf der Seereise ums Kap erlebt. Kann es nur empfehlen!

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