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Probably around 2+ hours on your first try. But I'm sure it can be finished in one hour and if you explore everything it could also take 3 hours. And a new game mode unlocks when you finish the game for the first time.

Yes, it supports Xbox360 and Xbox One controllers as well as PS3+4 controllers, XInput compatible devices and a wide range of other gamepads. A full list is in the readme file supplied with the download/installation.

Why didn't I think of that :)

Hmm, I don't think so, but let me check just to be sure.

...nope, definitely not a late April Fool's joke.

Maybe Calzone is secretly a horror game disguised as a cute platformer? But who could be scared of Calzone the Cat? Well, maybe except all those dogs who got punched on the way home...

Yeah, Calzone is unstoppable when he's hungry ;)

Thank you very much for taking the time to make a video about my game, I'll take a look at it right away!

Indeed :)

Hey wobbly,

wow thank you so much for making a YouTube video about my game, I'll be sure to check it out asap :)

Thank you very much for the positive feedback, I'm really glad that people are enjoying the game :)

Hi everyone!

Well, not counting my short visual novel, here's my first full-length game.
It's a 2D platformer (like we don't have enough of those, but it was a learning project for me) made in Unity. I've done most of the work myself,
just using a few code assets to get me started and a soundtrack by rolemusic.

The game features 4 different areas with their own graphics, each consisting of four regular levels, four smaller "puzzle" levels and a boss. There's also a short but cute storyline, over half a dozen enemies, abilities that the player gains in later levels and even a new game plus mode.
The full game is available for free here:
If you do check it out, I hope you like it and feedback is always welcome :)

Thank you very much for your comment!

I'm glad you enjoyed the game. You're right, there aren't that many things to do differently in the game, but there are a few different endings that explain a bit more.

If I had more time I would've made many more branching paths, but unfortunately there was a deadline to finish the game.

Thanks for telling me about that bug, it's definitely not intended to be able to re-arrive at the same location. I'm currently doing some minor behind the scenes improvements and I'll fix that bug as well and upload a new version in the future.

Same here, it fixed itself.

Seems to be fixed now? At least in my project and all the recent additions everything is fine.

I have the same issue. I added some screenshots yesterday and they're all working, but thumbnails on mobile and the screenshot previews outside of the launch page are not working after I published the game today.

Looking at the "Latest games" list, it seems most of the recently added projects have the same problem as almost all of them have pictures that are not being displayed correctly.