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Flightless burger

A member registered Feb 09, 2019

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yo this is mad toit, mah guy

a whole lot of fun for such simplicity; a concept that i love.

I played for over an hour by myself, learning how to use and abuse the mechanics and generally just having fun.

i must've won a dozen times but unarguably my most favourite part was learning how to do what i wanted and 'planning my orbits', also using a method of stopping dead by simultaneously grappling two planets laterally, then of course the penultimate 'swing the other player into their doom' kinda things.

really great conception, never played anything like it.

10/10 for originality and simplicity.

p.s the whole time i was playing this game i couldn't help but expect some type of gravitational attraction, perhaps it could be more fun if implemented right, but you do you mang.

You got this, keep it up!

literally one of my most favourite experiences of the year.

a giddy and nervous persona came over me once i had realised just how "free form" this game is, i felt like a child once again. i absolutely adore this game.

you've done a great job capturing some complex mechanics in an intuitive way, i hope you keep it up!

I adore this game so much.

Put a survey in for ya, hope it helps.

Took my time and put a lot of thought into it.

Great work man!

Procedural generation, sublime physics and a concentration on ambient sounds makes this truly a standout game for me. and you sir have executed all of this beautifully, I am deeply excited about your further endeavours and will treat your name with great respect.

This game is truly a work of art, and your approach to game design and development is wonderfully refreshing. I for one hope that you're unique thought and your dedication is rewarded thoroughly.

Figuratively speaking, I cannot wait to enjoy the newest update including that beautifully crafted map, and I harbour and even greater excitement for your upcoming title INFINLAND!

Thank you.