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Procedural generation, sublime physics and a concentration on ambient sounds makes this truly a standout game for me. and you sir have executed all of this beautifully, I am deeply excited about your further endeavours and will treat your name with great respect.

This game is truly a work of art, and your approach to game design and development is wonderfully refreshing. I for one hope that you're unique thought and your dedication is rewarded thoroughly.

Figuratively speaking, I cannot wait to enjoy the newest update including that beautifully crafted map, and I harbour and even greater excitement for your upcoming title INFINLAND!

Thank you.

Wow... I'm.. Speechless. Thanks a lot! I doubt myself every day and this makes me feel much better and more confident in my choices. You just gave me a few extra kicks to get things done and keep working :) Maybe the execution is not as perfect as you say, there are a few bugs I am ashamed of haha :| I hope so too that the dedication will be rewarded, I mean, you just rewarded me, so, you tell the truth :)

The udpate to the Trails' will hopefully be done until the end of the month, and then I'm full time back on INFINLAND :)

Thanks again, means a lot! Keep following and I'll keep you informed