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really very difficult, we hope you can fix it, we are run over by the suicidal ships, if not enough the very fast projectiles the rockets are also fast and collide in our ship, the game can be the best spaceship game for mega drive just need to adjust , as this should be the most difficult level, as you choose an easier level the ships and projectiles should be slower and maybe on the easiest level the ship will only be destroyed with 2 or 3 hits, so it will please everyone, and there must also be some part of the scenario that when using a continue it can continue like halfway through, in the first phase I got to the first robot boss and managed to destroy it after many attempts and then I lost the last life and got it from the beginning, I was fine sad, I might as well continue from the point after destroying the robot

good, i made a new comment please read, you can correct it and make the game fun, i played the demo for almost 1 hour and i got a headache due to the difficulty due to the speed of the enemies and some take time to be destroyed when our ship is destroyed with a shot

after downloading the demo and playing for almost 1 hour I got frustrated with the difficulty of the game and realized that although I change it to easy or super hard the game doesn't change anything except the amount of life, this is something that needs to be fixed. because in super hard it should be as it is at the moment, but when changing levels easier the enemies should be slower shooting slower, and be destroyed faster, if this is not corrected it won't look good

Important suggestion, I downloaded the demo and realized that the game is very difficult even in easy mode, one hit the ship is destroyed and this makes the game bad for most new players and even old ones like me, the ship will be destroyed after 3 hits would be better, and every time you lose a life you should return with the special bar full

there's no way to download the demo, what's the secret?

this game is very interesting, i realized it is similar to thunder force IV, i don't know if the game is finished, please don't make it as hard as Thunder Force IV it makes the game bad with no fun

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Congratulations on your great work, you have talent, currently the crowd uses retroarch and it is important that your game is functional in fceumm core, we hope you can fix the problem with the screen to choose characters as it is the only problem visible in picodrive, I have many games with MMC5 mapping and all work perfectly, I noticed some little problems in the demo, first of all the difficulty to execute a hadouken, delayed effect when the machine prevents the execution of a coup and then it is executed alone as it was memorized, the machine does not show Ryu's headband before and after the fight, it takes a long time to react after defending an attack, these are the main problems to be fixed, even so the demo is amazing congratulations again, if you really want to finish the game I'll help with some donation soon, we await a new demo with some improvement if possible.