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Thank you Jupiter Hadley ! You have a new subscribe now ;)

Hello Veralos :) About the grapnel range, you definitely right a feedback is missing ! And the level design don't really help you to understand this mechanics in the first level. I like your suggestion about the grapnel, it will increase the pressure when you should stay on a wall, but maybe increase the difficulty too, strong choice... Thanks again for you comment !

Thanks a lot for your feedback ! I wonder if it's worth to do more with this game :)

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Hi guys !

I release Guinea Pig yesterday, I made this game for the #LOWERZJAM

It is a platformer, and you have to use a grapnel to pass through each level ! 

If I post this here it's because I want to know if you want more ? Did you like the game ? I really enjoy to make this game, the graphics and the gameplay feel good (for me at least) but with only 8 levels, the game is too short. And I got a lot of idea to improve it ! 

So please tell me if you want more of Guinea Pig ! 

Haha, this game make me laugh :p I loved it ! 

Interesting experience. The end make me feel I was lose in my computer :)

This need a SoloMode !