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Thank you, Schmom! I'm glad you like it!

Huh, that's weird. What's your screen resolution? 

Also, thanks for your feedback!

Thank you! I'm glad you like it! :)


Thank you for your feedback!

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it!

Thanks! I'm glad you like it!


Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

Thank you!

It's a really fun game! The idea here is pretty interesting, I really like the graphics, sounds and music.

Oh and also the ending is great!

Good job!

I think this is an interesting project, but it needs a bit of polishing. The camera movement could be more smooth, the combat is confusing and I also found a bug where I had -1 coins. You could also add some sounds.

The graphics and music are nice.

Overall, congrats that you managed to submit your game!

Simple but fun game. 

I like the graphics and animations. You could also some music.

Good job!

Really cool game!

I really like the art style, sounds and music. The idea here is also great!

Good job!

Really interesting and unique game! I really like the art style and sounds. The music is a bit terrifying, but it fits the game's theme.

Overall it's a really great project!
Good job!

Nice project!

The idea is simple but fun. I really like this simple art style, especially the light effect which comes from the player. The music and sounds are good.

Good job!

Here's my game: I hope you'll enjoy it!

Here's my project:  I hope you'll enjoy it! :)

Interesting project.

Definitely needs a bit more polishing. Graphics are ok. You could also add more sounds.
Oh, and in order to play, you have to rename one folder 
from "Gravity Puzzle_Data" to "Gravity Rules_Data"

Great game!

I love the art style, the music is nice and calm.
The idea is really interesting and creative!

Good job!

Great, well polished project!

The idea is really creative and interesting, I love the graphics and music, and the sounds are nice! Good job!

I think the idea here is really interesting, but the game needs more polishing. A car is hard to control, in the tutorial you can barely read the text, there are no sounds. Music and graphics are ok.
You could also add some post processing effects, transitions, etc.
But overal, huge congrats that you managed to submit your game! Good luck with the next game jams! :)

I think it's a really interesting project!

Graphics and sounds are pretty simple and the music is nice.
I feel like the tasks panel could be designed a bit better though. It covers part of screen, so I couldn't see some of the customers, and generally was hard to read while I was running around the restaurant.

But overall a really cool game.

Hey Icoso!
I've played your game and I have to say this is a very cool and original project!
I really like the simple graphics and music.
The Levels are interesting and well designed.

I've had a lot of fun playing it! 
Good job!

Thank you so much, Icoso! :D

Really fun game! I love the visuals. Great job!

I hope you'll enjoy it! :)

I really enjoyed this game! Love the art style!
Great job!

Simple, but fun game!
Good job!

Glad that you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks! :D

Thank you! :)

I'd be really grateful if you'd check my game :)

Pretty interesting and fun idea! You could add more laser sounds, because one becomes repetitive and a bit annoying. Anyway, I enjoyed it! 
Good job!

Pretty cool game! It could be more expanded, but I enjoyed it!

Pretty fun game! I really like the mix here.
Good job!

Really fun, but also a bit hard, game! 

I really like how you mixed a platformer with a rhythm game! :)


Yeah, I agree that mechanics in some places are not very polished, but I really focused on the graphics and visuals. 

Thank you for your feedback! :D

Glad that you like it! :)

Thank you!