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The Gay Tarantula

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Hi! I'm a character artist who would love to work with you! I mainly have experience with drawing character art/UI and programming in unity c# for my own personal projects.

Hi! I love your pitch and would love to work with you as a 2d artist! I've made multiple unity games and specialize in 2D character art and ui/graphic design! Check out the work I've done here:

Loved it! Really interested in seeing what features you'll add!


This is an MVP meant to test a concept for a game. Shoot a boss while trying to avoid obstacles! Press F to shoot and SPACE to jump. Download here:

I love this! The yoshi is my favorite.

Loving these songs!

loving these sound effects!

Definitely gonna try this out in my game! Looks super cool!

Looks cool! Definitely gonna try this out in my game!

Looks nice! Definitely gonna be using this for my next game!

I love this! Definitely gonna use this in my next project!

So gorgeous! This looks so good!

These effects are beautiful! Definitely gotta try them out!

Amazing art! Definitely gonna use it in my project!

It's the ULTIMATE showdown. Who's the biggest icon? SPAMTON or TAYLOR SWIFT? Engage in a fiervce battle between the ultimate icons. Will high speed gameplay, a riveting story, and a twist ending, this game will have you on teh endge of your SEAT! Will Spamon be able to stop Taylor's reign over pop and the internet? or will he be ultimately destroyed? Find out in the game that spens three levels of drama dnad action! Predd 'D' to shoot and 'SPACE' to jump. PS I DOnT own SHIT! So sdon't SUE meh COPYTRIGHT! NO FMLAMIN PLZ

Download SPAMTON vs TAYLOR SWIFT here:

If you like this silly meme game I made, be sure to check out the REAL prototype of my game as well! Thank you for following the development of my game! I hope you enjoy it! Check out my socials and website for more!
Download my REAL prototype HERE:

This looks so cool!

This game looks so cute! The art style is SUPER compelling!

After a couple of weeks working on some unit tests, I finally finished a first prototype for a new game! In this game you are trying to avoid obstacles while defeating a boss, but in the future, I hope to fully flesh it out with art and a better framework and stronger code. I’ll probably have a new build out by the end of March. Thank you for following the development of my game! Be sure to check out my and socials for more content!

Download Here:

This is a really cool game! I love the art style!

Thank you! I haven't been able to figure out how to make the movement better. I really want to make the movement more responsive, but I don't know how I would go about doing it.

Hard mode was so good! This game is really inspiring!

I wanted to go for a very simple art style and make the easiest game that I could personally create.

I beat it! It's a really cute game!