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I enjoyed the game. The art was good and coherent (I loved the sprayer weapon, the particle effects and reload animation were great), The sound and music were good as well.

The gameplay was fun, The variation in the weapons was superb. I loved the building mechanic but sadly it wasn't really that useful. The controls were a little weird, I feel that maybe it would be better if W moved the character forwards based where he was looking and not just a preset direction (same with the other buttons as well of course). Also, a way to rotate the camera is quite needed.

There weren't really any bugs except maybe that some zombies spawn in unreachable areas. Also, the AI is ok but still needs a bit of work.

I feel like the game could've been even better if it was like a tower defense game formula:

Phase 1: You have a few minutes at first to set up defenses.

Phase 2: A wave of zombies comes in, destroys the defenses, tries to attack spots with civilians.

Phase 3: The round ends when you kill all the zombies, repeat from "Phase 1" again with tougher waves.

Overall though, a great game in the short time limit that we had. Good luck in the game jam!

The game is enjoyable. The art assets were good, but maybe a little unrelated. The sound was good and the music was great as well.

For the gameplay, I liked the idea, but i feel like the game is currently very luck based. I got to about level 8 (Stable Environment) without doing anything except just going into a corner and hoping that the physics helps me get to all the infected balls, there is no real strategy needed.

I think it would be better to try to make it more like a puzzle game. Maybe if you were only controlling the blue ball and the other balls moving with just their momentum, or maybe different, more difficult maps in the higher difficulties instead of just adding more balls.

I didn't find many bugs in the game, just a couple. When you fail a level and retry it, you start with 2-3  more seconds than last time (don't know if this is a bug or intended). Sometimes when the balls hit each other fast enough in a corner one of them will go up and be on top of the other balls. In unstable environment, sometimes one of the map corners rotates out of camera view.

All in all, a fun game idea that just needed more development time. Good luck in the jam.

The game was enjoyable. The art you chose was good, the sound was good as well and the music was great.

The game is a pretty simple top-down shooter, But the camera location is really weird (t's more of an isometric camera) which makes it very difficult to move around. The movement controls also feel a bit odd, like the W key doesn't move straight forward. I like the story dialogue you had at the beginning. The UI is quite basic but useful (although you should stop the player from being able to move the health slider :D)

There are a few bugs that i found in the game. The first two levels had missing assets (missing audio, missing character, missing map). Sometimes the cured zombies would get stuck on the sides of the tent. And there is a problem where your weapon doesn't really have a maximum range, so you can just stay in a corner of the map shooting the red zombie silhouettes from very far away.

All in all, a good game that just needed a little more time. Good luck with the jam.

The game was pretty enjoyable. The art assets were good (you should credit them) but some of them were unrelated, like having pyramids in a green grassy map, which made the game feel a little incohesive. The sound was good but there was no music in the game.

Gameplay wise, the game is a simple third person shooter. The camera location is very weird though which makes controlling the character quite difficult. The random map generator is cool but sometimes it generates some weird levels (rooms clipping other rooms). Also, i don't really see any difference between the difficulties.

There is a pretty big bug that I found where, If you have the vaccine, you can keep curing an already cured mummy and it will keep decreasing the infected counter.

A good game that could have been better with a bit more time. Good luck in the jam!

This game is very fun. The art is great (I love that there's some variety in the people). The sound is good, and the music is super catchy. 

I love the gameplay idea of "infecting people with dance". The game was super polished, I found no bugs whatsoever. The only problem i found with the game was that it felt too easy. You should've had maybe 3 different difficulties each with faster arrows. Also, for rhythm games, always try to make the arrows follow the notes from the song, it makes it feel like you're actually playing the song.

Overall, a super fun game, and the fact that you made everything yourselves really shows how much effort you put into this. Good luck in the game jam!

I found this game quite enjoyable. The art and sound chosen were good and fit the idea, I loved the liquid effect in the ammo capsule, it looked really good. But there was no music in the game.

The gameplay was a basic but good third person shooter, but the mouse sensitivity was extremely low for me (not sure if it's just a problem on my end), and the shots don't really seem to go out of the weapon, instead they seem to go out of the camera directly at the crosshair. I feel maybe the game needed a bit more variety and it also felt a little too short.

I didn't find many bugs. You can jump only once in the game, but it was never really needed anyway. The enemies damage you right when you touch them, not after their attack animation. And lastly, sometimes when you're too close to a wall, the camera goes through the map. 

All in all, the game was pretty fun. Good luck in the jam.

The game is quite enjoyable. The art is simple but good, the sounds were good as well, but there was no music in game. The UI was clean.

I like the atmosphere you were going for, being in a human body. I think you used the different cells perfectly, I love how sometimes I'm tricked by the white blood cells because they look kind of like the cells I'm trying to infect. I also like that the UI was minimalistic, it helps the atmosphere even more and was very useful.

I think that maybe the game camera is a little too zoomed in, it makes avoiding the pink cells a bit too difficult. I found a couple of small bugs, when I attach to the cell I'm supposed to infect, I can still move outside the cell without my virus shell. Also, sometimes when I die I respawn without the arrow indicators around me.

Overall, a very fun game. Good luck with the jam!

The game was pretty enjoyable. The retro art was good, the sound and music were great as well (Although i don't know which assets are yours and which are from online, so you should credit the stuff that you used. Also, try to avoid using copyrighted assets, like the spider sound).

The gameplay was quite simple but nonetheless fun. The style reminded me a lot of Mario. The difficulty balance was good, but you really should add the "load" button to the controls (I only found out about it because i watched the stream). I loved the cutscene at the beginning with the voice over :D

I only found some minor bugs while playing, you can spam the "load" button to get stuck in the air, and sometimes if you duck down and go left or right you can walk and even sometimes go through the floor. On the cutscene, you could still click the buttons of the main menu, and i also got stuck on it for a while since there was no indication that pressing space would skip it.

 All in all, a simple entertaining game. I feel maybe the biggest downside with the game is that it's a bit too short.  Good luck in the jam!

Important Note:

I think it's really cool (but needlessly difficult) that you decided to try making this game without an engine. I have personally never made a game with SFML before, but there has to be a way to package up your assets and code so that they are not so easily accessible to anyone (someone could use your project as their own), plus it'll make the game folder a lot less crowded. Don't do that right now though, you can't change the jam submission before the results are out.

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The game was quite enjoyable. I like the idea, the art you chose was quite good (but you should credit it), but there is no sound or music in the game and it was very much needed.

The gameplay was great. It was fun trying to deal with the multiple different infections in time. but i feel like the scrolling with X and Z makes switching between different infections way too slow, and instead should have been maybe with numbers and icons at the top. I didn't really find any bugs except sometimes if you win at the last second the "You Lose" screen still pops up over the "You Win" screen after the full 20 seconds have passed.

all in all, a good game, and I feel like if you had more time the game would've turned out a lot better, good luck in the jam!

Important Note:

The download you have of the game actually contains the unity project and the source code with the build. You should maybe delete these and just keep the build in the folder and re-upload the game download. It's safer for your game (someone could use your project as their own), plus it'll lower the size of the download. Don't do that right now though, you can't change the jam submission before the results are out.

The game is pretty enjoyable. The art is ok but definitely needs more variety, the "soldiers" don't have a skin, and the game is honestly a little too dark. The lighting effects are good though. The sounds in the game were good (but the zombies make sounds way too often), and there is no music in the game.

The gameplay is just a simple top-down shooter, I feel like the game would've been a lot more fun if it was more difficult, the zombies needed to be a lot stronger, faster, and more in numbers, especially with the 2 AI companions that are with you. The AI script is quite good.

There were not many bugs in the game, only that if you got too close to a wall, your gun would stick out of the other side and you can shoot through it. Also, The mouse aim controls were not the best, I believe the better way to implement this would be to make the character point towards the mouse pointer, not make the character turn with the horizontal mouse movement.

Overall, a good game that could have been a lot better with some more development time. Good luck with the game jam.

The game is enjoyable. It would probably be better as a mobile game.

It's a basic endless runner, the art and sound chosen (but not credited) are suitable to the simple gameplay. But it isn't really that related to the "infection" theme.

Good luck with the jam.

This game was amazing. The art and animation were great, and the sound and music fit perfectly.

The idea is genius, I love how the longer you take in a level the harder it is to beat. The movement felt quick and responsive, the levels were well designed, not too short, and the difficulty curve was balanced. Having a difficult secret level and ending was also great and reminded me of older retro games (I actually reached the secret ending without the cheat :D)

I found zero bugs while playing the game, which is excellent. The only thing I feel like the game is missing is just a little bit more story elements. But other than that, I think the game is outstanding. Good luck in the jam!

The game was pretty enjoyable. the art was simple but looked good, the sound and music were ok as well. The gameplay was fun, kind of reminded me of pinball, but you added variety quickly with the portals and red obstacles.

I didn't really find any bugs with the game, so good job on polishing it. Maybe the game was a little too short, it needed some more challenging levels in my opinion.

Good luck in the game jam!

This game's main idea was good, but there were some problems with the execution.

The art looks pretty good, I like the goofy art style, but the enemies needed a bit more variety in their look (especially the orange and red enemies, i always got confused between them). The sound and music were ok. The gameplay was good as well, but it was brought down by the main problem i found with this game, the bugs.

First, i felt the wall jumping mechanic was actually worse for the game, it was inconsistent (worked for some walls and not for others) and it made most of the puzzles easy to skip and the yellow enemy especially  seemed useless. another bug was that when you switch to a different character your current character stops and gets stuck if he was in the air.

But definitely the worst bug was with the colliders. There were random invisible colliders everywhere in the level that my syringes would hit in mid air. This made the game (especially the last level) almost impossible to beat unless you get lucky. The enemy colliders were weird as well, and that made the blue enemy pretty useless since most of his shots would just hit his own collider (or one of the random invisible ones).

In the end, the game just needed some extra bug fixing time and it would've been a lot better. Good luck with the jam.

Honestly, this game feels like it needed a lot more time. I don't really see where the "infection" theme fits into this. There is no sound or music in the game, the art is good but it's too simple. The gameplay is also too simple and the physics feel too floaty.

It seems that you maybe had an idea but didn't have enough time to finish it, which is quite sad. Good luck in the jam!

This game was enjoyable. The atmosphere was really everything here. The art was really simple, reminded me a lot of PS1-era graphics, but that added more to the horror experience. The sound fit really well, there was no music in the game but i feel like that actually helped the atmosphere even more.

The gameplay was cool, I liked the mechanic where you had to get closer to the paper to actually be able to read it, I also liked the little puzzles you had throughout the game (especially the map puzzle). I feel like the biggest problem would be that the game is quite short and needed a bit more in terms of gameplay, but that is expected with the time limit that we had :D

Good luck with the game jam!

I loved this game. The sound and music are nice, the art style is quite simple but it feels appropriate to the game's great simple idea. The UI was good, I loved the little messages that appeared in each level :D

I like how you supported both mobile and PC, but that also made the game window feel a little too small (Playing on PC). Also, the art for the skills was a little confusing to understand at first (except for the soap).

the later levels were quite difficult, which i enjoyed very much. I found no bugs during the entire game except maybe in the final level, something feels a little weird after my first move (my first move in that level was "soap to the left").

All in all, a really fun puzzle game. Good luck in the jam!

I enjoyed this game, you could say it really blew me away :D

The idea was fantastic. The game mechanics were great, but maybe we needed a small grid on the screen showing the squares because it was a little difficult seeing the line where the fan's wind will be going.

I liked the art style and the sound. i feel like the game could have used some calm background music, but the ambient background sound was good enough. The game felt a little short, but that is of course due to the time limit we had.

I only found a couple of minor bugs, you can select multiple fans from the top left and you can add multiple fans to the same square. And sometimes the trees don't release their pollen (but it is fixed when i rotate the fan 4 times back to the same position).

Overall, a very fun game and with a few more challenging levels could be even better. Good luck in the game jam.

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I enjoyed the game. The visuals especially were stunning, the art looks good and the shader work is amazing and really helps with the game's atmosphere. The story cutscene you had was great and i thought the way you showed the controls at the beginning was very creative (but i feel like K and R are a bit unusual for the controls). The sound and music fit perfectly.

The gameplay was fun as well, although you couldn't fire except when you were moving which was difficult to deal with, and i got stuck a bit at the bridge level since i didn't know you could click on the TNT in the bottom right :D

The only problems i found were some pretty minor bugs, the gun's particle effects sometimes go in the wrong direction, and sometimes you shoot but there is no gunshot sound. And on the bridge level, if you fall off the bridge you don't die and instead walk on the water.

All in all, i think this is a really fun atmospheric game. Good luck in the game jam!

Important Note:

The download you have of the game actually has two different builds inside of it after unpacking. I played the one with the more recent date. You should maybe delete the older build from the folder and re-upload the game download. It'll be less confusing for other players, plus it'll half the size of the game. Don't do that right now though, you can't change the jam submission before the results are out.

I loved this game. The art was great, especially the cutscene at the beginning, and the sound and music fit quite well.

The gameplay was really fun, I enjoyed how fast paced it is, and I found that the controls actually felt good, they were not 100% responsive but that makes them feel more realistic in my opinion. I felt that maybe if the helicopters spawned at random heights, the game would have been a bit more challenging and fun.

The game was also quite polished, I found no bugs in the game... well, except the mosquitos of course :D

Overall, great job with the game. Good luck in the game jam!

Thank you for taking the time to play our game.

Our plan at the beginning was actually to have levels where you're doing challenges or maybe trying to escape from the lab. But, we had a few time management problems :D

So we didn't really have time to implement any interesting levels and had to go with the current score based wave system. We agree of course that having levels would've made the game more fun.

Thanks again for the great feedback, we really appreciate it. Good luck!

The game's main idea is pretty great, I like that you were going with kind of a point & click adventure type game. But the execution needed a bit more work.

The sound and art choices were good, but there was no music in game. I like that you tried to create a cutscene at the beginning for the story, even if it was not the best, it's amazing seeing how your family supports you and is willing to help with voice acting :D

The main downside in my opinion is the gameplay, it's a bit too simple, maybe you could've made multiple rooms you had to search, or maybe make the player actually have to memorize the symbols on the paper and then ask them about it in game, maybe a little translation minigame between hieroglyphics and English.

A cool game all around, it just could've been a lot better with a bit more work in the gameplay department. Good luck in the jam.

The game is very enjoyable. The gameplay is fun, I love the idea of passing the bomb (why a bomb and not a virus?) from person to person, kind of like a game of tag. The sound was good and the music was good as well (but most likely copyrighted).

The main problem I think is with the art style of the game. The art assets themselves are good, but they are mostly unrelated to each other (some pixel art, some vector art). And the UI, while very well implemented, looks a bit weird as well. I think if you maybe had an artist working with you the game would have been a lot better.

Good luck with the jam!

I absolutely love this game. The UI is clean and the art is good. The music fit perfectly, and I like the goofy NASA story :D

The gameplay is really fun even if the mechanics are a little bit confusing sometimes. But the navigation system is a bit lacking (moving with right click is sometimes a little glitchy, and a zoom out feature is very much needed).

I found one bug where you can sometimes add an upgrade between two others and kind of "push" an upgrade out of range, but it still keeps working outside.

All in all, this is a very fun clicker game, and I'm sure if you had more time the game would've been even better. Good luck in the game jam!

The game is quite enjoyable. The art is good and coherent, the sounds were really useful for finding some sick people who were hidden, but there was no music in game.

I like the idea of the gameplay, and I love the feeling of chaos from all the sirens and cars moving around. There were a few small bugs here and there, the restart button doesn't work, and my character seems to not have a bottom half :D

Overall, a pretty fun game. Good luck in the jam!

We really appreciate you taking the time to write this positive feedback.

We're glad you liked the idea and found the game fun. Everything we worked on was to reach a specific feel for the game, and you feeling nervous when the enemies surround you shows we did a pretty good job with what we were going for  :D

Thanks again for the kind words. Good luck to you too!

The grappling hook works not that bad, but the problem is sometimes you clip through the ground or the buildings. It's sad that you couldn't finish your game, maybe try a simpler idea next time :D

Better luck next jam!

This game is very enjoyable. The art is especially good, I love the vines dangling from the roof. The music is relaxing and the sound is ok as well. The game is extremely well polished, I found no bugs at all.

The gameplay while fun feels a little repetitive, this may be because the game is a bit too easy. You can charge basically any enemy (even the final boss) and just spam the left mouse button and kill it without taking any damage in the end. It probably would've been better to have a small cooldown on the shout attack, or just more and tougher enemies.

Good luck in the game jam!

Wow, this game is amazing. The art and sound you chose were consistent with the game's style. The retro music is superb. The dialogue at the beginning was great.

The gameplay feels extremely satisfying, controls are responsive and quick, level design is great (except maybe for the boss level, needed a bit more time with that one). I love that you added a few secrets.

I only found one tiny bug where at the very beginning you can fall off the level to the left (I was looking for a secret :D). But other than that, knowing that this was your first ever 2D game and made in a 3-day game jam is insane.

Good luck in the jam, man!

I found this game quite fun. The pace was pretty good and the controls were responsive, which is important for a bullet hell game. The sound and music were good, and the cutscene at the beginning was amazing.

I found moving around in the empty space a little bit disorientating sometimes, since there is nothing really changing on the screen. This could easily be fixed however using a bit of background parallax. I also think you should make the virus spawn outside the boundaries and move into it (like you did with the boss) because sometimes a virus would spawn right on top of my ship and damage me.

Overall, a great and polished game. Good luck in the game jam!

This game is very fun. The idea is great and the execution is near-perfect. The puzzles are fairly challenging and the difficulty curve is good. I loved the random goofy levels :D

The simplistic pixel art and sounds fit the idea superbly, and the music is relaxing. 

I enjoyed the game very much,  The only problem I have with the game is that it ended so soon.. I would've loved some more challenging levels, but of course, with the time limit, the current number of levels is more than enough.

I wish you good luck in the jam!

While short, the game is pretty enjoyable. The graphics are really good and the dismemberment system is really cool. There is no music in the game, but the weapons sound ok. Also, no main menu which is a little odd.

Didn't really find any bugs so good job on the polishing. I just had a little problem with not knowing which ammo was for which weapon, also when I took the assault rifle I didn't know how to switch back to my pistol. Other than that, I think the biggest downside of the game is how short it is.

Good luck in the jam!

The game is pretty enjoyable, I think the graphics stand out the most, the game looks amazing, although there is no music in game, the gun sounds are ok.

The gameplay is brought down by all the bugs in the game though, and I'm talking about the really obvious bugs here.

Pressing R will make you reload your magazine but not decrease from your extra ammo, and it can be spammed to skip the reload animation, and you can even reload while still firing your gun. And there are rooms where the zombie AI can not enter and will just stay in front of the door, waiting for you to kill them. These two bugs make it really easy to just camp in a room where no zombies can enter with infinite ammo. Also, the zombies will damage you if you just bump into them, not after their attack animation. 

Fixing these bugs would have made the gameplay way more fun. But bugs are of course expected when working in such a limited time. I wish you good luck in this game jam :D

The idea you wanted to show with this game seems pretty cool, but it still could have used some text for the story telling, since I was a bit confused :D

The music was good, the art was ok, but you could have added a skybox in the background, and there were a few buildings clipping and showing under the road. The gameplay seems good, since the main focus here seems to be on the story. There is a small bug where when you press E to push the boxes, the collision check seems to show up on the screen.

Good luck in the game jam!

I feel like this game was rather rushed. There is no real objective to the game (No exit to the maze).

The zombies look horrifying, not because they're zombies, but because they are not layered properly. The zombie AI is pretty good but they move a little fast for their animation, and there is one zombie who is always stuck at a specific spot and can't move.

The art and music are ok but the walls of the maze could have used some textures.

Overall I think that if you maybe had an artist teammate, and a bit more time, you could've really improved this game. Good luck in the jam!

In all honesty, the main idea was good, but the execution was a bit off. The music and sound were ok. But art was not really related, some pixel art, some vector art. Gameplay wise, I feel like the game would be better with movement similar to something like Super Mario, and not flying.  also, if a taawiza spawned right in front of a person there is no way to know and no way to stop it. maybe if they spawned close to the wizards it would be more balanced.

There's also a bug where sometimes when you open the game, the first wizard spawns but is invisible, so I have to restart the game until he is actually visible.

Keep improving! And good luck in the jam :D

The game is fun and challenging, I loved the puzzles. I really liked the pixel art in the levels and the music was nice, the sounds were good as well. And the options menu was amazing :D

I very much enjoyed the game, and with more levels the game would be better but of course we were working with a time limit xD

Good luck in the game jam!

Important Note:

I played the web version and there were a couple of levels which were unplayable because part of the level would be hidden on the sides of the page. I was able to fix it for myself by editing the page code a bit with Google Chrome, but I think the best solution right now is to edit the game page to show the unity full-screen button, and recommend in your important note to play in full-screen.



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The game is very relaxing and fun. I love the idea, and the execution was spot-on. The art style was great and the sound cues were very useful. The music fit nicely. The keyboard controls were needed to deal with infected plants quickly, especially with how hard the early game is  xD

Gameplay wise, I feel that if each different task had a different look on the plant, or maybe just a small timer above each plant, the player would be able to go between plants more efficiently and lose less plants early on. Maybe also a different mode with a time limit, to see how many plants you can keep alive and how much score you can get in 10 minutes.

In the end, The game seemed very polished and bug-free (unlike my plants), I enjoyed it very much, and wish you good luck in the game jam :D

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I like the art style, it is pretty clean and the animations are good. I especially liked the particle effects.

The sounds were good as well. And I don't know if you guys made the music or not, but it's amazing and got stuck in my head xD

While the gameplay is fun, but maybe could be a bit more fun if it was more challenging, the zombies were faster and the player was a bit slower. Also, you should maybe destroy the shots when they are off the screen to stop the player from being able to kill enemies off the screen.

All in all, a really good game for the small time limit we had, congratulations and good luck in the game jam :D