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covid 19 evolved , 2D Shooter Platformer
Submitted by Lord Eido — 1 hour, 34 minutes before the deadline
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عدد أعضاء الفريق

أسماء أعضاء الفريق
Eyad Waleed Ahmed => All Graphic Design, Animation , Programming , lead project
Renad Waleed Ahmed => idea and story

يوزرنيم الأعضاء على ديسكورد طفرة

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الجرافيك جميل الصراحة والجييم بلاي حلو لمدة معينة وبعد كده بتبدأ تزهق من نمط اللعبة المتكرر
حاول دايما تغير النمط يعني لو تديه حاجة مثلا زى المجال اليلمسه يتعالج او حاجة بيحطها علي الارض اليدوس عليها يتعالج وهكذا


شكرا علي رايك

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I like the art style, it is pretty clean and the animations are good. I especially liked the particle effects.

The sounds were good as well. And I don't know if you guys made the music or not, but it's amazing and got stuck in my head xD

While the gameplay is fun, but maybe could be a bit more fun if it was more challenging, the zombies were faster and the player was a bit slower. Also, you should maybe destroy the shots when they are off the screen to stop the player from being able to kill enemies off the screen.

All in all, a really good game for the small time limit we had, congratulations and good luck in the game jam :D


Thank You for you feedback ,  I really appreciate  it.

I started after one day of the jam :D

so somethings I wanted to do but time limit T_T