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This is an amazing tileset! I used it for a game jam and it was exactly what I needed, so thank you!

I am happy to announce SKELERUN, a frantic pixel platformer starring a very imperiled little skeleton! Race through a randomized dungeon full to the brim with traps and hazards against the bonepile, a hungry mass of bones that's hot on your tail. It's a punishing path through the fortress, but don't give up, skeleton!

The game is available HERE. Plus, the visuals are available as an asset pack HERE.

We hope you'll give it a try and enjoy!

I have added a Linux version so you can check it out! Admittedly I do not have a Linux machine so I can't test it myself but if you still want to try it out and it doesn't work, let me know and I will do my best to get it working for you!

Ah! I realized I forgot to mark the platform. The game is currently only built for windows so if you're trying to install it on anything else that might be the issue. If not, I will keep looking into it.

Thanks for letting me know, everyone! This should now be fixed for all future downloads.

We've just released out first game, Synestia!

It's a planet creator game that's meant to be calming and creative, letting you customize everything about your planet from the surface and and terrain to the rings and moon. It also features entirely original music featuring samples from actual NASA recordings to help you get a much needed break from this planet.

We do hope you'll check it out and hopefully enjoy!