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Thank you ^^, we should rework on this one day but dying is supposed to be a part of the game

really cool !
Just could you make a little menu when a game is done to retry ?

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What kind of "smart terminal" do you recommend ?

EDIT : You can use the package "platformio-ide-terminal" on Atom

This game is so relaxing
i'll just add a guide

And i want to do a "Twitch plays pixel fireplace"

thank you so much

I’m looking forward to play those version ^^

Hope everything goes well


hello !

I played this game a while back, and now the save system doesn’t work properly

I can’t save my game

I have no idea why but can you look into this please ?

Thanks in advance



I'll just change the button when you finish a level
And add the escape button to pause (because reflexes)

Cool games
But really short
And i'm sorry but our games aren't really similar ^^'

i'll try it tomorrow ^^

I really liked it !
Ultra original and addictive !

Thanks ^^
yeah i kinda forgot to remove it oops
i'll add a Retry button after the jam
i promise

Thanks a lot
We'll fixes bugs after the jam
I love the aesthetics too ^^

I really like this game
i really suck at it but i really liked it
It's original and beautiful
Good wok !!

Yeah Louvtt did a really good work ^^
I love the art too

And thanks a lot ^^

Oh yes !
it should work fine !
Thanks a lot ^^

Yeah i know that bug
I tried to fix it but . . . it didn't work
idk why tho
Thanks tho ^^

Thank you very much ^^
We'll update the game after the jam to add more levels, features (we didn't have enough time to put everything we want) and fix all the bugs

Really good !

Surprisingly good !

I learned two things with this gamejam
1. I can't do a game on a time crunch
2. Sound effects and Ui is fun

Thanks ^^
i'm really proud of the  music  and sound effect and i really like the work that Louvtt did
It makes the game so beautiful

This game is really good
Just i find it a bit to hard because the character is too big sometimes

But it's really good !

The idea we had in mind was
alive = strong, but slow
dead = weak, but fast
We wanted to make levels when you're forced to die to finish the level like the level 3 but i messed up
The player's have two sides dead or alive

I take great notes of what you say
We'll rework on the game after the jam

I put border on every level (except the last one i think) but the resolution changed when we did the WebGl build so . . .

This game is cool
just . . . i suck at it XDD

But it's really cool

but i'll boost the audio a little

Really fun to play !
it's a bit unclear when the sheeps are infected tho
but otherwise it's really great !

Thanks !
i made the last screen at the end so . . . i found that bug too late
It was really fun ^^

We will
At least i'll do

Good luck my dude

I understand
Thank you for your response ^^

Yes, i think it's unclear when the player gets hit, especially in the boss fight during the 2nd level

And for the wall jump, i think the problem is the fact that the player is launch up and not to the opposite direction of the wall
I think it would be better if the character get launched up and to the opposite direction of the wall like in mario

Also, i finish the 1st level without taking damage and weapon and it was really fun ^^

The game is great

But just 2 things :
- it's not really clear when you take damage (on a boss fight for example)
- most of the time, when the character do a wall jump, they seem to get stuck to the wall (unlike Mario's walljump that launch you to the other direction)

Also, i'll try to finish the demo the fastest without taking any weapon nor damage, give me luck

When i say "Add a control option for foreign keyboard" it's because i have a french keyboard so i need to change the language of my keyboard every time i play

That'll be great

maybe add weapons too

The game is cool
But the gameover screen is fucking scary

Ok so
Few things to add/change :
- Add a control option for foreign keyboard
- Add ammunition items (like when you kill ennemies)
- Change the reload system of the shotgun to be like the TF2 auto-reload (Basically it reload and if you try to fire it just cancel the reload and fire unless you don't have ammo) because there's a lot of lag when you reload the shotgun but you want to punch/fire

The game is awesome tho!

The game is cool
But keep crashing on my pc :c

that's good, but a bit too difficult and a bit too short

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It doesn't work on my computer :(