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Really fun game ! I would love to have keyboard control but still fun !

if you add a way to updgrade the CPU it would be a REALLY nice game

310 points

He's REALLY bad at this game omg

But really fun to play !

The game is lagging really bad for me, sadly i couldn't play it :c

Did you only provide a Mac Build ?

Thank you very much !

I was more thinking about the minigame "I, Zombie" from Plants vs Zombies (because i never played a bloons game)

The animation is one of my favorite thing i made for this game (like the lil goblins) :D

Anyway, maybe i'll work on a full game later (maybe)

nice game ! There's some issue with the physics, it's a little too slippery and you can easily get stuck on platform but still a fun concept and game !

Really great idea ! i really love the fact that some upgrades that would be a good one in a normal situation becomes deadly like the "bounces of the wall"

I really liked the game !

Thanks! I wanted to add more foes and tower and levels and stuff but didn't find the time to do it. I'll put this in my list of "project i should do"

Tricky but funny !

Really like everything ! It's really fun, beautiful and gives me some "Micromachines" vibes

Keep up the good work !

Thank you very much ;w;
I wasn't really satisfied with the way i did it but i really liked the idea !

Maybe i'll make a full game out of it ?

i played the game and it's quite good !
It looks great, the story is simple but nice, the music is awesome, an overall good experience

I'll just say that the controls are a bit weird, it's a little hard to control, it's kinda slippery and i would put the pickup and jump action on 2 separate button

But it's still a really good game !

Thank you ^^, we should rework on this one day but dying is supposed to be a part of the game

really cool !
Just could you make a little menu when a game is done to retry ?

(1 edit)

What kind of "smart terminal" do you recommend ?

EDIT : You can use the package "platformio-ide-terminal" on Atom

This game is so relaxing
i'll just add a guide

And i want to do a "Twitch plays pixel fireplace"

thank you so much

I’m looking forward to play those version ^^

Hope everything goes well


hello !

I played this game a while back, and now the save system doesn’t work properly

I can’t save my game

I have no idea why but can you look into this please ?

Thanks in advance



I'll just change the button when you finish a level
And add the escape button to pause (because reflexes)

Cool games
But really short
And i'm sorry but our games aren't really similar ^^'

i'll try it tomorrow ^^

I really liked it !
Ultra original and addictive !

Thanks ^^
yeah i kinda forgot to remove it oops
i'll add a Retry button after the jam
i promise

Thanks a lot
We'll fixes bugs after the jam
I love the aesthetics too ^^

I really like this game
i really suck at it but i really liked it
It's original and beautiful
Good wok !!

Yeah Louvtt did a really good work ^^
I love the art too

And thanks a lot ^^

Oh yes !
it should work fine !
Thanks a lot ^^

Yeah i know that bug
I tried to fix it but . . . it didn't work
idk why tho
Thanks tho ^^

Thank you very much ^^
We'll update the game after the jam to add more levels, features (we didn't have enough time to put everything we want) and fix all the bugs

Really good !

Surprisingly good !

I learned two things with this gamejam
1. I can't do a game on a time crunch
2. Sound effects and Ui is fun

Thanks ^^
i'm really proud of the  music  and sound effect and i really like the work that Louvtt did
It makes the game so beautiful

This game is really good
Just i find it a bit to hard because the character is too big sometimes

But it's really good !

The idea we had in mind was
alive = strong, but slow
dead = weak, but fast
We wanted to make levels when you're forced to die to finish the level like the level 3 but i messed up
The player's have two sides dead or alive

I take great notes of what you say
We'll rework on the game after the jam

I put border on every level (except the last one i think) but the resolution changed when we did the WebGl build so . . .

This game is cool
just . . . i suck at it XDD

But it's really cool

but i'll boost the audio a little