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Thanks for the video!

Your PC definitely hates running the game for some reason. I've not seen anyone with PC specs as good as yours struggle, which is a bit strange. I'll be honest, it's not the best optimised game (and Game Maker isn't designed for such large rooms) but any modern dedicated GPU should handle it. Perhaps your configuration is a rare exception.

A few general things to try:

-Try turning V-Sync off in the game settings. Also try running with Frame Skip turned on. Make sure anti-aliasing is turned off.

-Check the Windows task manager while the game is running. Is the CPU or GPU at 100% by the game? If the usage is still low, you should be able to increase the priority given to the game.

-I believe NVIDIA GPU's have a software controlled option to clear the cache. This may help, I don't have an NVIDIA card so I can't testify.

-Check all video drivers are up to date. 

-Decreasing the resolution of your main display may improve performance. To be fair, Total Anarchy doesn't look much different in 720p than it does in 1080p.

Hope this helps :)

Thanks! Those specs look great, I only have 256MB of VRAM on the machine I created the game on. The framerate will drop for a few seconds on the first time you exit a building (it has to draw the whole city for a few frames) but it should speed up again. Do you encounter the frame drop every single time? 

Hi, thank you for your feedback! Can you provide me your full PC specifications?

That error message usually relates to insufficient GPU memory available to load in the city. How much VRAM do you have on your machine? It may also help to keep your video drivers up to date or try a better graphics performance setting on Windows. If this issue persists, I am releasing a new update in a few weeks which has improved the video overhead, so hopefully will help. 

Hi! What are your PC specifications please?

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I've been keeping quiet , but I am hoping to post an updated version in a few weeks.

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With this alpha testing version you can already hijack cars, steal drugs, trash hotel rooms, murder citizens, blow up boats, listen to the radio, set people on fire, throw bricks & rocks, shoot rockets and otherwise behave like a terrible person much like you can in other open world games. 

Play the new demo for free - I hope you find it fun!

Currently only compatible with machines running Microsoft Windows.

Features available in this version:

- 80 unique vehicles
- 26 different weapons
- 2 hours of exclusive in-game radio
- massive 3D city to explore
- dozens of interior levels including shops, clubs & train stations
- destructible scenery & many interactive objects 
- rich 3D sound inc. Doppler effects 
- branching dialogue for NPCs & story missions
- you can earn/steal money to buy new cars & weapons
- 60fps and widescreen ready (with other video modes available)
- cheat codes!
- no ads or micro-transactions, just play & enjoy!

Contains violence, sex & drug references so not suitable for kids.