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since it isn’t written in the rules, thought I’ll ask (if it is written and I missed it, sorry). Will the theme be mandatory? And are we allowed to work with teams? 

Found this online, hope it helps:

The warning indicates that the Player's web-browser is either:
a. So old it doesn't support the local storage functionallity required by the SugarCube engine.
b. Is being run in a mode / way that restricts access to the storage functionallity required.
a. You can get this warning if the web-browser has been configured to disable cookies.

A short twine game where you play as a robot trying to find purpose in their newfound freedom.

After the liberation of the robots, you (a robot) stand in a great robot party thinking of finding what to do with your newfound freedom.

Meet a friend, or go on a self-exploration journey, your future is up to you.

12 different endings, some art, maybe amusing writing, for you to decide.

Might be the first game I made that I'm happy with,  please try it if you want :)

the game :)

thank you so so much! 

that actually makes tons of sense, thank you lots for the clarification

hey! Really enjoying your game thus far!

 Have one question which I’m slightly confused on, when you fail to oppose red suits the pilots takes 1 damage, and when you fail to oppose black suits the slayer takes 1 damage.

It says when you oppose the god directly you take “damage as usual” but I’m not sure what it means, as I’m not attacking a certain suit (and would it still be one damage?) any clarification? or if I just missed something pointing me to what I missed it would be very welcome

again, cool again, you’ve created an awesome thing 

I really liked it! your artstyle is so pleasant to look at, I liked the whole tannel bit, and almost weeped a single at the end.

First of this is a lovely entree and the visuals are adorable. as an artist myself, a lot of it is very relatable, the inability of coming up with ideas is a constant fear to me, and always feeling like an "uncreative" creative type is not fun.

a lot of my ideas come randomly to me when I see something that acts as inspiration, but it's usually when I talk about it to my friends it goes from a passing thought to an actual idea I can use. most of my ideas are built from things I think are cool and things I want to make people feel (usually happiness.) but a lot of time when I try to sit down and create my mind goes blank and I feel stuck.

this proves you are very capable of creating wonderful things and I hope you do!

thank you !

hey! My name is Finel and i am a 2d artist, i usually make character art and upload it to my ig page (which you can see here: ) I also recently started to dabble in pixel art but Its not here nor there yet but im willing to try and do my best.

I dont understand programing enough to do a game by my own (yet?) but i would love to help someone who does understand and want to add some art as pretty flavor. so hit me up if youre interested

gladly! hit me up at discord TheFinelCountDan#5762 or at Instagram @the_finel_count_dan so we can talk more easily. (If both are something you don’t use feel free to offer an alternative) 

I kinda wanna contribute to this jam but I don’t really understand writing nor poetry, is anyone looking for some simple drawings to add to their poems? I’ll be glad to work with someone 

thank you so much! It’s sweet of you to say and I’m very glad you enjoyed it =)

thank you lots! I’m glad I left such a good impression on you even tho it’s my first comic. I just started uni so continuation isn’t coming soon, but maybe one day.

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I just found about the Fresno nightcrawlers thanks to yall and honestly for some reason the way they are depicted is somewhat funny to me, I love them now, thank you.

loved it, would love to see a full game out of it!

I wanted to date the bear... :(

it's actually a great name, sad that this isn't a full one. I like the vibrant characters and wacky story. and gameplay is fun. but I cant defeat violet and it pisses me off, I tried so much!!!!