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Gonna give this game a shot and see what it is like, but one thing that i think should be changed is the red text on the gray background on this page. It is rather unreadable.

Would it be possible to set the defult game resolution to 1920x1080 instaid of 2715x1527 as i would think most monitors are 1080p and it this orignal res seems to make my game go funny and no matter how hard i try i cannot seem to change it.

I have started playing the game recently and have encountered 2 major problems so far.

The first is that if my mouse goes below, about halfway i think it is, on my monitor then i get my desktop mouse instad and it will either tab me out of the game or just not able to click on anything.

The second is that the options menu is vey slow and when i go to change options it sort of freezes for a minute or so but i can still move my mouse, this is not a major issue but more of a slight annoyance.

If needed i can provide a demonstartion of etiher of these.