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i didnt update versions, does it have a save option now?

does the new update have new map? i forgot to get new version since 0.5

hope you recover

ive noticed that its been 70 days since the update to show off the animation rig and just wanted to make sure everything was ok since i found this gem of a game last month

how to apply the mod files into the game?

fast question because im confused with images and all is it VR game? just to know before buying

when is next update? im intrigued how many big it will be

so bad nintendo copied this game :(

I can smell your calcium from here

wait what

how do i buy refinery game doesnt give me option to do so

i have made a fatal mistake, when i just bought the chastity belt (i also got stinged by shy mosquito i biology class thing) i accidentally equipped it, talked with every npc out there and nothing, is there a way to remove it without creating a new save file?

i know the thing is its slow

so now i have a better question, how do i grind strengh and resistance?

so to sum up i have to grind strengh and defence right because its a hard fight

how do i continue when the science tower is full of meat?

their way of making games is the ''moneyz printingz wowwww'' because if you look at their games you see literal '' X is futanari'' shit

pretty good, would replay again

i have nothing, no ammo, no clothe, no potions. just a movable character

im not stuck for walthough needing im stuck because 50/120 hp and no ammo

i have anotehr question, will there be a cheat menu or a difficulty slector because im stuck after activating the power generator

how do i make window bigger?

i have a question, is the game just like 2 zones (or whatever they are called) or there is content for 10 minutes considering its a dem

when will next level aproximately release?

ive been liking the game from start and i still dont know where i can download it on itch

this games fine just needs more content but the way the gtame is headed i have a good feeling about this

why when i put mouse sensivity to maximum i still rotate very slow?

i know maybe you dont reply but i wanna know in what context does it move at a snail's pace and what makes it the worst nsfw game

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why cant i upgrade farm?


i think this wont be updated because it has the perfect number of MB

i cant wait for the next update this game is so good :)

yo keep up the good work