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That's probably because you're staying on a cracked tile, which will break after reaching a certain damage level, instantly killing any player or enemy on top of it.

Glad to hear that! Did you manage to reach the end?


Guapísimo el audio del principio

Muchas gracias por tu comentario, el arte lo hizo Antón "Chandalf"

That's been a complaint that we've heard a couple of times now, so I've gone ahead and changed that in the 1.4 version which is already available. Thanks for your feedback and I'm glad to hear you liked the game :)

The results for your test are in: F

We already played and rated all your games. If more people post and rate ours we'll keep going!

I can't see it in the rules of the jam...

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Time's almost up, so let's do this.

Our game is a RTS game where each player controls only one unit. If you don't have anyone at hand to play it with, check out the video of us playing it to get an idea. You can check it out here: Every rating is guaranteed a rating back.

Here's ours:

It's a two player RTS where each player only controls one units. There's a more detailed explanation in the game page.

Had a blast playing, the controls are a bit confusing at first but it becomes a good puzzle platformer once you get used to it. Great!

Great to hear that! If you played the gamejam version I'd recommend you to check out the newest versions since through this week we've updated the graphics big time and even some UI elements to make sure the game reads better. You can check it out at the bottom of the page in the google drive link (since we can't upload it to while the ratings last). 

Thanks for the feedback and we'll definitely check out yours! :)

Our game is a two player RTS game where each player only has one unit. You can see a rough video of us playing it down here:

There are some more detailed info in the game page, check it out!

The trails of the projectiles in our game are never really destroyed in the first build of our game. They just stop moving so they stop emitting particles, but at the end of tha game the map is filled with particle systems. We fixed this in following out-of-jam versions.

The game with infinite particles:

Great game dude, the design is amazing (loved the nipples) and the puzzles got smart and challenging pretty fast. The only thing I had problems with was depth perception, maybe distinguishing in some way the top of one block from the side of the ones behind it would help with that. Something like a gradient shadow down the side of the blocks.. but I really am nitpicking at this point, this is truly a great entry. 5/5 design.

Check out our two player RTS game where each player only has one unit here!

Since you're two people, you could be a perfect match for our two player game noone has a friend to play with! :D

It's a strategy game where both players can control only one unit, check it out here:

You can see us playing it in this poorly recorded video: 

I'm going to check all these games now!

Getting ratings for games that need two or more players to be enjoyed can be a pain in the butt, since most people don't always have someone at hand to test the game with.

So if you have a two-players game or just want to help them get ratings, post any multiplayer game here and let's help each other get some ratings and have a good time with our friends while we're at it!

Our game, One Man Army ( ,  is a two player strategy game were each player only has one unit. There's more info on the specifics of how the game works in the game page, and there are even some improved post-jam versions if you enjoyed played the jam one. In the video below you can see us playing it using the Parsec software ( wich allows you to play local games over the internet. It seems to work fine and can be useful if you want to play these games but don't have anyone close by.

I can't wait to see what other multiplayer games you guys have made!


Nice! I made it to lvl 7. Lvl 5 was really hard for me. 

It's a good concept and it gets challenging!

That's what she said!

Dude I loved this I didn't expect my guesses to work but some of them actually did. The brain is such a weird thing isn't it? Maybe some of my deep uncounscious guided me through the map, maybe that one second was enough for some MLGpro neuron in the back of me noggin and we did it. We got to the Inn A-OK.

Well... except for that Ox we lost at the river.


I love the menu animations. Moreso taking into account that our game doesn't even have a menu because we didn't save time for it haha so I'm jealous :P

Btw I think there's some kind of bug with the wall jumping, in the first level with wall jumping I got quite stuck because after doing some jumping my controls started acting up.

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We made a two player game so getting people to play and vote it it's becoming a challenge. You can play it here

It's a strategy game where you only have one unit. I'm pretty happy with what we've ended up with, and once you understand the basic mechanics it can actually get pretty fun! :D

Here's ours, it's a 2 player game so you will need to grab a friend!

:( sorry mate, with all the problems Unity gave us with controller support, we ended up not even thinking about some good old keyboard support. Maybe in an after jam version...

Sorry to hear that mate, the game is multiplayer indeed. We love to make 2p games since we are two people in the team, but it can be a hassle for the voters. We'd love to hear your opinion in the game if you end trying it out :)

Yes it is 2p multiplayer only, so you will need a couple of controllers to try it out.

Sorry for the inconvenience :(

If you want to collaborate adding new modules just let me know and I'll give you access to the Trello board.

Me gusta como queda el efecto de parallax en las estrellas

Weird flex but ok

You should check the windows checkmark in the windows version options so it can be easily downloaded from the itch app, it doesn't recognize it as it is and says there is no available windows version :S


Thank you very much, I really appreciate your dedication.