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Aww, thanks ^v^

Hmm, interesting. I thought about making a megaman style game after this one, now I'm thinking about adding stamina bar there too :)

Hello! Dozen days later but I drew it. I'll leave a link to it here, feel free to check it out:

I like the game and I especially like the character designs. I want to draw them, I hope you don't mind.

Pu disul "Lost in translation" :)

(in case I misunderstood the game's language I'll clarify - I meant to say "I like "Lost in translation"" )

If you'll ever make a full version/ sequel to this, please use "what's your name" response that player gives in some way later. Like if you get it wrong later the guy  says "wait, I thought your name was something else. Was I talking to different guy all this time?" :)

Aw, thank you!

Well now I just have to rate it 10 out of 10 XD

That was fun and funny :)

That was fun. Charge mechanic if taking some time of getting used to but after that it was fun flying across the level

I thought I'd play it for couple of minutes but game grabbed me and didn't let go until I beat it <)

Hmmm. I mean it is suppose to do nothing (sorry, felt like trolling that day) but did it actually did nothing or did it restart the fight (like it suppose to)?

Admittedly, this one is hard because it has two leaps of logic so I'll explain. Spoilers up ahead:

  • If statue is missing then you skip it. 
  • If statue's eyes are open you skip it as well. 
  • If statue is broken - you can't tell what eyes it has, but in the end I made it so they have closed eyes, so you need to include it. 

(still spoilers: )
At first I wanted to make so some broken statues have eyes open and some closed but you can't tell because they are broken. So by the process of elimination you'll know what it is. But in the end it ended up being just one puzzle so ye.

Fun game. Last level almost broke me <)

Pretty chill game. I'm assuming it's not intentional but I could cheese the game by going around the city instead of dodging all the viruses, but I liked this optional difficulty. It felt in the mood with the music. I chose to not go out the city though  and in the process I learned how to zip around the city like spiderman :)

If you find a bug or something like that, feel free to tell me in the comments.

Yeah, game does missing purpose right now. Basically I did this game on one day and I haven't bothered that much. But I think I'll update it.