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Strange Warrior is happy to release a new Feature : Declare War between two Alliance

After an alliance declare  war against another alliance,  all members of both alliances will be notified by a message. War will start after 8 hours, and it will remain for 48 hours, at the end the alliance who make more damage will get a bonus into his alliance treasury equal to the sum of all the damage done by the winner and the loser during the war.

Welcome cool to our game, and thank you for joining our game community players. The real fun begin after level 10, where you start engaging with other players, alliances, skeletons .... 

Thank you Roadhammer for your post, we are happy that you enjoyed playing our game. In our game you can find all the basic important information like how to play and game rules in a section in the game called  "Info", also you can send questions or suggestions for the Admin, and we are happy that our game also contains other type of information like tricks, some sort of experience, that you can gain while playing, or by exchanging the info with other players who have big experience in our game, glad you manage to acquire some nice techniques in defense . We are already working on a website for better display like you suggested, hoping to release it soon. 

  2. Strange Warrior is one of the best Strategy Game and can be played with or without internet.
  • Offline Mode: Build your village, upgrade your warrior, build houses and towers and wall, hire Soldiers, play levels and defend against Monsters...

  • Online Mode: All offline mode actions + Access the Global Map, conquer other villages, send messages/attacks against other players, Join an Alliance, check you Empire ranking and your military points ranking...

  • Game Story:In the Dark Ages, Humanity have fall down under the invasion of Evil Monsters. 

Only one city have resisted, one last city for the human race, Mankind Hope, but the monsters numbers are increasing, and their attacking skills are getting greater, situation seems hopeless, then ...
Suddenly, a Strange Warrior appear  from nowhere, this stranger who has no past, no present, put himself at the service of the town.
With the Strange Warrior help, hope will be restored, and Humanity will never falllllllllll ...... 

This city is surrounded by Mountains and Trees all over, with only one entrance, where the villagers have build a fortress to defend themselves, which have made a good defense against monsters in the past. 
Declaring his will for help, the Strange Warrior, decided to stand up on top of the Main Gate for this city, his weapon in his hand, waiting for any weird creature to appear, ready to defend with his life.

will the city succeed in surviving against the Evil Monsters with the help of this unknown warrior ?