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I didn’t mention it in the post, but I’m actively working on upgrades that would modify how the fists work. Thinking of just calling them “Modifiers” or something like that

It’s janky and I love it.

Actually, though, I could totally see this turning into a hybrid of Wii homebrew and PC indie games, really interesting idea.

Interesting story and overall concept

very cool

Hey there. I’m not really looking for any more help at this time. Thanks for your interest though!

solid top-down shooter. very funky music, love the weapon swapping

Turns out i forgot to set a payout method in my account. 

Just set the game to free :)


Slime Corp community · Created a new topic Change Log
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Added controller support for player 2 in the menus.

Removed Discord icon in main menu.

Added Discord Server menu option in main menu


Full release. Added Co Op mode & removed a couple menus to clear things up.


Fixed a bug where the game would crash on start when selecting the Extreme mode.

Thanks! I just commented on it :)

Oh lol i completely forgot to make this free. I updated it. Thanks fot letting me know

Hey! We figured this out and fixed it after the jam ended. I'm going to push a new polished build that has all the new features and balancing.

The idea was to be able to link up with dead enemies and get their abilities, but it slowly just morphed into what it is now.

Hooks And Shotguns community · Created a new topic Updates!
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Hey everyone It's Ben, So I am currently working on a big content update for Hooks And Shotguns! What I can tell you for now is that it will include more story, enemies, one new boss, and a new chapter. 

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or questions!

Here is my game for the bundle:

idk if there is

btw this is my second account cause i forgot the password to wordsmith1 but heres the link: