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Great game, loved chasing down all of the paths and such, but I gotta say the way Kate and Jane get treated bugs the hell out of me.  As loyal and helpful as they are, they both get treated like trash for having open libidos.

 Also have some questions about what I feel are false leads between Nina and Amy on Nina's path and Melissa and Kate on Melissa's path.  Hell Amy and Kate on Amy's path for that matter...did Kate hurt you?

  Also the way you setup for branching choices creates a strange phenomena where you can sleep with someone and then several scenes later do so again on their dedicated path and have a first time scene all over again.  

Kinda jarring in a 'am I in the matrix' sort of way.

To balance my complaints I love the spectrum of fetishes present, the exploration of personalities is great and despite the MC being a jerk, I don't wish for his failure and enjoy his victories.  As a veteran I do understand the challenges that come with dealing with past trauma.

Keep at it, I want more!

Spinoffs?  I'd like to place a preorder for like 17 more games in which I get to enjoy seducing Neus!  Even if I must embark on a bloody quest to become an Incubus and take over Hell or something in order to validate(and survive) our forbidden love!

Very well made, entertaining and engrossing and amazingly doesn't trigger my usual rage at seemingly needing to learn a new language to understand the personal lore of the creator!

I played to the end of v 8 and have no real complaints that aren't petty whims expressed by others (wanna sleep with Kali etc) I am a bit baffled by one choice though.  The sanctuary's love route so far seems like it makes the occupants less happy than the slave route.  That raises some serious questions about the true personalities of some of the characters..especially after meeting Jia.

If I were to ask for anything it would be able to go back and experience some of the events that got triggered but lacked the proper stats and then never came up again or just to be able to redo them and make differing choices.

Great job, just in case my tone didn't express it properly, few games make me so happy to spend my time in them.

rebooting worked for me

same here.

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Never have I wanted to visit Barcelona so much as after playing this.

This game is stimulating in almost every possible way and I need more bad!

I'm ready to runaway with Neus and quite frankly she had me pretty quick.  this isn't even finished and I'm already waiting for the sequel, spinoff, holiday specials, pregnancy name it.

I will say I was a bit surprised there was no M/M content considering it felt like there was an atmosphere teasing it.

No complaints, Didac is a terrible person, but that is an opinion/observation not a problem with the game.


I'm almost embarrassed by how excited I am for this release.  Sanguine Rose is one of the three best Adult games I've ever played and after playing it you could sell me an expanded version of the exact same material and I'd be screaming shut up and take my money before you finished the sentence.  I hope more like that comes from you at some point, but this here looks entertaining in promise!