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Very well made, entertaining and engrossing and amazingly doesn't trigger my usual rage at seemingly needing to learn a new language to understand the personal lore of the creator!

I played to the end of v 8 and have no real complaints that aren't petty whims expressed by others (wanna sleep with Kali etc) I am a bit baffled by one choice though.  The sanctuary's love route so far seems like it makes the occupants less happy than the slave route.  That raises some serious questions about the true personalities of some of the characters..especially after meeting Jia.

If I were to ask for anything it would be able to go back and experience some of the events that got triggered but lacked the proper stats and then never came up again or just to be able to redo them and make differing choices.

Great job, just in case my tone didn't express it properly, few games make me so happy to spend my time in them.