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This works incredibly well as a review! I could play this forever... The way you condensed the experience of the original game is so much more effective than I imagine a video review would be

give all characters eyes that follow the mouse cursor

Thank you so much ♥


I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'd love to fix it but I lost the project files a long time ago and no longer have GameMaker Studio...

Thank you ^-^

I implemented restarting, but it simply doesn't work in the browser version. Must be some engine limitation, it works just fine in the downloadable version.

I reset the game trying to press 'R' for 'rotate' x_x

I liked it!!!!! Yes. Yes.

Glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for notifying me of the crash. I will upload the fixed version when the voting is over. Meanwhile, you can play the downloadable version, it shouldn't crash (at least not for the same reason :p)

So this is p cool. I saw blebgo's games played on a stream dedicated to weird games, and before I saw too much, I decided to play them myself so I could have the full immersive experience.

I don't know what to say. They're surreal, funny, and short. No reason not to try. There's a weird measure of creativity and passion put into these. They're charmfully janky. I feel a bit pretentious rn but I wish this 'style' was more common. I love surreal thingos and there's a lot of unexplored potential with surreal thingos in games.

I still haven't played all of them, but this one's my favourite so far:

Or if you want to play in order, this the link to blebgo:

thanks bleb