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Edit; Ignore my comment. I misunderstood how the game works. Looking more closely at the starting stats with prestige effects, and I understand now.

Not sure if I'm missing something. I'm having issues with loading saved games. The save is already in the textbox when I start the game and I click import. I get the dialog that says the save loaded, and when I close out the dialog, I'm returned to the option to start a new game or import a save. I have tried both before and after eating a pie.

I'm using Chrome on a Mac. I also tried the game from the docs.buddywagner linked in one of the comments. Same behavior there as well. I'm also using a screen reader if that makes any difference.

No problem about the glossary. As long as there's a way to get that information. Speaking of which, I found something with the area that comes up if you open the glossary or credits. I can't close it by clicking the close button. Might be there for inventory as well though I haven't specifically tried it.

Regarding inventory, I can equip/unequip, but it could be improved somewhat if possible. I see 2 links for each item. One says "none", and the other is the name of the item. I confirmed that clicking the links changes the corresponding attribute number the way I expect. If "none" could be changed to unequip, that would help things make more sense. It would be even better if if there was a control that toggled between equip/unequip. The other issue with the current inventory is that I don't know if an item is equipped or not without checking the stats.

Overall, looking good.

More observations regarding screen readers.

Looking at the area with attributes and inventory, I know I have encounter secrets and perils, but I'm unable to get more details about them. Meaning, it just says encounter secret, or peril, but doesn't tell me what it actually is. Also, I can't tell if I should be able to get more details about the items in my inventory, such as a description or if it gives me some kind of boost to an attribute.

Hope that's helpful.

Feedback for playing the game with a screen reader. I've tried it both with mac and windows. I've played up to the point where you go to the place you chose to work.

On the mac, once I put it into full screen, I was able to access everything as far as I can tell. When it wasn't in full screen, I couldn't read the text.

On windows, it all worked from the start except for one thing. On the mac, I noticed that voiceover separates certain words, the way it breaks up paragraphs. I was able to click on those words to get the glossary info. I couldn't figure out a way to get that to work for me in windows.

The UI bar seems to be working fine. I was able to save and load games and see my attributes.

Let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like me to check.