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No problem about the glossary. As long as there's a way to get that information. Speaking of which, I found something with the area that comes up if you open the glossary or credits. I can't close it by clicking the close button. Might be there for inventory as well though I haven't specifically tried it.

Regarding inventory, I can equip/unequip, but it could be improved somewhat if possible. I see 2 links for each item. One says "none", and the other is the name of the item. I confirmed that clicking the links changes the corresponding attribute number the way I expect. If "none" could be changed to unequip, that would help things make more sense. It would be even better if if there was a control that toggled between equip/unequip. The other issue with the current inventory is that I don't know if an item is equipped or not without checking the stats.

Overall, looking good.