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Thanks so much for the Let's Play! Unfortunately due to the number of customizable CG event scenes where your character appears, we couldn't go hog wild on hair and clothing -- it'd balloon our budget. This is something we're going to be taking into account if we get to make a sequel, though.

Still on track to release the full game in Q1 2019! We'll update everyone who's following the game here on itch when it's ready to roll. If you'd like to follow weekly developer blog updates check out or !

Not a specific one! We're targeting Q1 2019.

Hello, hello! It's my first game on and I'm incredibly excited!

Arcade Spirits is a romantic comedy where you work in a video arcade in 20XX, an alternate history where the great video game crash never happened. Get to know your fellow staff and the pro gamers who hang out at the Funplex, a mom 'n pop quarter muncher -- and fight to protect their dreams from corporate rivals, street gangs, unruly customers, and more. link:

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