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Thank you! I can't talk about our future plans yet, but keep an eye out. We're not considering a mobile port at this time as mobile visual novels require drastic overhauls to account for free-to-play monetization which really disagrees with us, and would need a UI overhaul as well. Right now we're more focused on other projects.

Eight total!

We don’t currently have plans to go to anime expo, but we do have plans for a storefront. Keep an eye on our Twitter for details!

 The actual game is running the latest version of the engine. I’ll update the demo after we get back from PAX. Thank you!

No, I'm pretty sure lets you buy directly with a credit card without needing paypal.

Thank you! We'll look into those.

I've been wanting to get back in the swing of game development since leaving NWN. I learned one key thing in my NWN days... I cannot be a one-man-band of a game studio. I burned out hard doing that. But this time I have a great team backing me up and together we've carved out the game of our dreams. Hope you enjoy!

That's correct! You get both a direct DRM-free download from itch, and a bonus Steam key. (The Steam version is also DRM-free, for that matter. DRM sucks and is anti-consumer)

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You can save at choices -- hit the Escape key to pull up the menu. I do this often, myself! As for right click we found it was a problem for folks less familiar with Renpy's default contro mapping, that they'd hit it accidentally and get pulled out of the game. We can look into a way to allow the user to change the mapping to whatever they want, though. Thanks!

EDIT: As for scrollback -- we intentionally left that out so your choices matter, but it IS unlocked after one complete playthrough of the game. Or if you enter a cheat code. :)

Unfortunately we weren’t able to get a pre-order directly on Steam. You can pre-order a Steam key through green man gaming, or just wait for the games launch and buy directly on Steam. The 10% discount will stay in effect for one week after launch so you’re not missing out on anything.

Thanks so much for the Let's Play! Unfortunately due to the number of customizable CG event scenes where your character appears, we couldn't go hog wild on hair and clothing -- it'd balloon our budget. This is something we're going to be taking into account if we get to make a sequel, though.

Still on track to release the full game in Q1 2019! We'll update everyone who's following the game here on itch when it's ready to roll. If you'd like to follow weekly developer blog updates check out or !

Not a specific one! We're targeting Q1 2019.

Hello, hello! It's my first game on and I'm incredibly excited!

Arcade Spirits is a romantic comedy where you work in a video arcade in 20XX, an alternate history where the great video game crash never happened. Get to know your fellow staff and the pro gamers who hang out at the Funplex, a mom 'n pop quarter muncher -- and fight to protect their dreams from corporate rivals, street gangs, unruly customers, and more. link:

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