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Sorry that happened. This demo is old and there are several problems with it. We've fixed many of these issues in our code, but are currently only providing new builds to patrons on Patreon. We're working on prepping a new public build to be released in the coming months. We hope you can try playing again at that time!

We like giving people options, so we'll take this into consideration!

That's still our plan!

Eventually we will add key/button mapping features and other fap-friendly solutions. Ribbit~

Thanks for the interest, everyone! We haven't had time to respond as much, but we're still making progress. Our artist recovered from COVID, but he has a huge workload. This is why we currently don't have an estimated release date for Pre Edition II. Nevertheless, we are working to get it released ASAP!

That is a gauge that will be used for new abilities down the line!

If you're interested in contributing, please use this form: Thanks!

If you're interested in contributing, please use this form: Thanks!

Can you please use this form: This will help us keep track. Thanks!

If you're interested in contributing, please use this form: Thanks!

We're planning on releasing a new public version at the end of the month which will fix this!

Thank you! We will be adding control binding in a future version!

We would like to translate to other languages. We will need to find native speakers to help.

Sorry about that. This version is quite old. We've made improvements we plan to release end of March. Please check back then!

We would like to experiment with making an Android build in April or May, after we've released Pre Edition II. It may or may not be possible. We'll see.

We would like to experiment with making an Android build in April or May, after we've released Pre Edition II. It may or may not be possible. We'll see.

We're gonna have our first Mac builds for patrons at the end of the month. It will be available to the public when we release Pre Edition II in March.

Patrons will see a Mac build by the end of January. For the Public, end of March.

So sorry to hear that! This is a known issue that required a major code rewrite, but it is done and fixed now in the build our Patrons are playing. We will be releasing our updated work to the public at the end of March, 2020.

We plan to release version 0.15 publicly at the end of next month.

Look for it next month!

Thanks for the heads up! The info can now be found on our wiki:

In Treewish Forest there is an indoors area passageway with three large grey cubes on the floor. Try using the butt stomp there!

We're gonna look into it in the next month or two!

Hi Astrogalax. In order to use the levers in Treewish Forest, you must find statues and activate them by pressing UP nearby when the prompt appears at the bottom of the screen. We've made some improvements that will make this more clear in the next version of the game. Please read this for more information:

Hi spike. Sorry to say, this error is due to the large memory usage of this older build of Oh So Hero. We have since fixed this, and will be rolling out our fix along with several other new features in our next public build, which we expect to release in the next month or two.

We're going to research the feasibility of this in 2020. We have Android dev experience, but we need to make sure it supports all of our technical requirements before we commit to this. Thanks for your interest!

We're going to look into building on other platforms in the coming months, including Mac, Linux, and Android.

Thanks for your interest, Galaxy! Lood City is a ways off, but we've already begun planning for it. We have some other areas we will likely be creating first. I'm sure you'll enjoy what we come up with~

We are definitely gonna tune the hell out of this game. We are aiming for a polished experience, but it is gonna take some time. We just finished with our RAM fix and other major performance improvements. Now we'll be able to address issues with gameplay and combat, as well as continue to add new features, characters, and animations!

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An update for the public is likely to happen by the end of the year. Since the last version of Pre Edition, we have rewritten a large portion of the game's code to improve performance, and thus we would like to share our progress with everyone. If you are a Patron, you should expect to see an update before Halloween~

Currently, about four, but some are larger than others.

Can you provide more details on what's happening? The minimum requirements for this game is currently 8GB of RAM. You may not be able to play if you have less. We're working on reducing this requirement, but if you can't run it right now, please wait until we release a new version and try again.

Try the "NEWEST (64-bit): oh-so-hero-v0.10.004-win6" build. If that one doesn't work, go down the list. You need to extract the files from the zip file, then double click on the exe. These are fairly standard PC concepts, so if you're still confused, try searching online for tutorials or provide more details so we can try to help you better.


It's a false alarm, better known as a false positive. It's because they've never seen this app before. I mean, how many anti-virus companies are gonna be running furry porn games to approve them?

Glad you enjoy the game!

We have always used Unity, but we have temporarily enabled the default Unity resolution picker until we are able to implement these options into the game. The control mapping options in this window don't work, FYI. We'll add control mapping into the game later.

New content will be Patreon-exclusive until a new public demo planned for 2020.

Sorry to hear it. The game currently requires a fit 3D gaming machine. We're going to keep working on optimizing our code to make it more accessible to more devices.

Thanks! We'll most definitely have a power bottom in a future update. Just you see~