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Stay tuned for another public release later this year. We hope to provide a new version you can enjoy!

We are hoping to have another public release before the end of the year!

We will make an official statement about Android/mobile in December.

Thanks! You can find out more about the gallery here:

Currently we're focusing on completing our first boss battle with Bates the dragon. Afterwards, we may set a goal for an Android version.

Hidden in Brask's Palace!

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Currently we're focusing on completing our first boss battle with Bates the dragon. Afterwards, we may set a goal for an Android version.

Atualmente, estamos nos concentrando em completar nossa primeira batalha contra o chefe Bates, o dragão. Depois, podemos definir uma meta para uma versão do Android.

If you can provide any extra info or an error log, it would help us solve this. Cheers~

Sorry for the trouble. We will try to get this fixed in a future update.

Gallery mode is available in the most recent patron builds: 0.16.000 and later.

Cheers, Huang! If you would like to send us error logs, we can use this to deduce the issue. These can be sent to our community manager: Ribbit~

Hi! Glad you enjoy the game. We have no plans for voice acting at this time.

The full game is not complete yet. When it is finished, we plan on releasing it much like any other game that is released. Patreon is used for in-progress demo builds.

You don't have to be a patron to ask a question. Feel free to ask anything you want and we will try to answer when we have time.

Down + Attack while in the air. You need to collect a special item before you can do it.

Cheers! We have many characters planned for the future and some that will be created as we develop. For now, you can give ideas for species of NPCs to add, if you're a patron. We may open up potential for more specific input later.

Cheers! We have a gallery in the new patron-exclusive builds. Additional languages will be coming later!

Unfortunately, saves from versions before 0.15 are not compatible with this build or newer builds.

Thank you!!

Actualmente no hay planes. Síganos en Twitter para recibir noticias:

They are in the newest patreon build! We currently don't have any plans to release another public build.

Android is something we've experimented with. There are no definitive plans for an Android port right now. We'll probably release more information about this sometime this year.

Yes! We're working on this currently and it should be available to patrons in the next month or two.

Thanks, Di4blo! We haven't yet decided if we will be releasing another public demo yet. I figure we should know by the time summer rolls around. You can follow us on Twitter @FullFrontalFrog or other social media and we'll provide news when we've made a decision.

Can you please get a video?

Currently you just have to be lusted by an enemy and not have them grab you. The patron build includes test controls such as the "L" key which puts you to 100% lust instantly. This will eventually be adapted into an in-game ability you can acquire called "Fap on Command".

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I laugh last cause I nut in your eye.

We've received your logs and this is now in our issue tracker. We plan to release a patch for the game later this month. Hopefully we can resolve some of these issues by then. We appreciate your help!

Sorry to hear it's having problems for you. Could you please provide the error logs? You can find them by following these instructions:

4 strength 4 stam leather belt! uggghhh~

Thanks! Glad it worked~

Thanks for letting us know. We're always working to make improvements. Could you please provide the error logs? You can find them by following these instructions:

That sounds reasonable! Thanks for the information, Fen~

Oh interesting. Didn't even know that existed. I modified some settings to mark the operating system for each file. Can you please try now?

I've revised the steps needed:

Double-click the ZIP file to extract the app. Right-click and select Open. On the prompt, if there is an Open option, click it. Otherwise, click Cancel, then repeat the process from the right-click.  Adult games are never verified by Apple, so this is a required workaround.

Please let us know if this works!

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It's a test control. Test controls are only available in patron builds!

I'm not sure what you're talking about. "Native client"?

We're making progress on this, but it's gonna take more programming work. More news to come in 2021.

Glad you enjoy it. We hope to have the next public demo out in the coming months!

Lamento que se haya estrellado. Esta versión es muy antigua. Hemos hecho muchas correcciones desde entonces. Lanzaremos una nueva versión en unos meses. Además, Android es posible para 2021.